Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Part 1 Douglas Willinger and those who promote Marijuana want to DUMB YOU DOWN

Douglas Willinger (left) and his weird pro-drug organization

Q: What are the short-term effects of marijuana use?

A: The short-term effects of marijuana include:
  • problems with memory and learning;
  • distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch);
  • trouble with thinking and problemsolving;
  • loss of motor coordination; and
  • increased heart rate.
Effects can be unpredictable, especially when other drugs are mixed with marijuana.

Although scientific evidence and research from neutral parties will prove that marijuana damages your brain and causes problems with memory and learning and trouble with thinking and problemsolving; many marijuana addicts will prove this to be correct in their adamant denial of these facts. One such case of this has made himself known to me and I will discuss him in this blog. His name is Douglas Willinger.

I don't know who Douglas Willinger really is but I do know that he is a cyber dope pusher and criminal cyber stalker that infiltrated my facebook account which was PRIVATE and began harassing me via spamming a thread I had started and he began pushing his "research" down my throat and demanding I look at it and comment on it.  Then, when I very nicely told him I didn't really understand what he is trying to say and didn't have the time at the moment to drop my life and study his blog, Douglas Willinger took the whole thread (copied it), including comments from personal friends that I had on there (I have since deactivated the account) and he put (Pasted) all the comments and names of my friends and their facebook links and put it in his public blog.

If you study what took place between Douglas and myself you will see that he invaded and violated my privacy. How does he justify that? Because he states I wouldn't immediately address his questions on my facebook account. Matter of fact I took a few minutes to look at his info and I still didn't really understand what he was saying. Maybe I had something else on my mind at the time. I don't know but obviously he wasn't really a "friend" because other wise he would have given me some space. So what I think is that he had been waiting to do something like this. He had been lingering and waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on me.

Anyone who thinks Douglas was correct in what he did simply has a vendetta against me just like Douglas did. I had remembered a email he had sent to a whole bunch of recipients expressing his displeasure in a video I did which touched upon marijuana use.

I am very busy with real investigative work and have to continue this later... Douglas, your gig is up. I'll expose a thousand of you little spooks who are attacking me. I asked you directly if you were CIA and you wouldn't confirm or deny it. And that was in front of witnesses in an email to two other recipients. You also shamelessly push drug abuse and addiction with all your lies stating marijuana and cocaine is good for you.

I will continue this later...

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