Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arsenio Lembert Jr. promotes messages from drug addicts, pedophile supporters and insane people

Arsenio Lembert Jr. creator of a blog called EndrTimes (sic) has shown his spiritual blindness in reposting material from a drug promoting (or that may be his CIA cover) Douglas Willinger, and another nut named Bruce Hallman of the religious cult called FMH Children's Club International.

Arsenio Lambert Jr. is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist cult which follow a false prophet named Ellen G White. Ellen G White espoused many kinds of heresies and had many failed prophecies and also has her roots in Freemasonry and many man made doctrines. One of her doctrines even directly condemns Jesus Christ Himself. She stated that MEAT ie FOOD contaminates the blood of humans. Therefore she states that Jesus's blood was contaminated as well because Jesus ate meat and taught us that eating meat was okay and even recommended certain meats above other meats.

When looking at Arsenio's blog I see he even continues to promote Tony Alamo who is a convicted child molester. And Arsenio also supports at least two other child molester supporters. One Tom Friess, and the other who I mentioned above, Arthur Bruce Hallman.

But what does Arsenio care? He doesn't believe that sinning will send his soul to hell. Because the cult that he is part of proudly state that the concept eternal hell is false. According to Arsenio it doesn't matter what God says! How He stated specifically that the smoke of the people's torment who are in the lake of fire ascends FOR EVER and EVER (Revelation 14:11) or that Hell is a place where the fire is never quenched! Mark 9:46, 48

This is just a few of their backwards and deceptive doctrines. Another one they push is that the Mark of the Beast will be a law which forces people to worship on Sundays! Now how do they even twist the Bible to mean this? Good question. Maybe Arsenio can tell you. But when I read those verses it states that the people who reject the Mark of the Beast wont be able to buy or sell. Revelation 13:17 Therefore, I think the mark of the beast will most likely be an RFID chip or something similar. But seeing an RFID chip wasn't even close to being created when Ellen G White was alive, the SDA's still cleave to her teachings in this regard.

So Arsenio and his cult state that Sunday worship is EVIL. So what do they say we should do? They say we should only worship on SATURNday!!

Although the TRUE sabbath is in Christ where we are supposed to worship continuously, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. What Adventists would have you to believe is that we must rest from rest. Or sabbath from sabbath. Jesus stated, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Permanent Sabbath)." Matthew 11:28 So this just shows they are truly backwards (antichrist).

So this is the "work" Arsenio does. He regurgitates blogs of Atheist drug users and insane felons and puts my name on them. Out of all the information I have put out doing the REAL work of an investigator and doing real expose's. He only repeats slander and attempts to slight my work. Not so Arsenio. This may be the beginning of a series on you.

Instead, you could have had me as a friend. You could have perhaps made me sympathetic toward you and your cult. But unfortunately you follow in the same spirit that caused me to expose the root of your religion which ties directly to Satan himself.

On top of this I have a very good video which also exposes more SDA heresies. Here it is:

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