Monday, February 21, 2011

Muammar Gadhafi bankrolled National Headquarters of the Nation of Islam in Chicago Mosque "MARYam"


"It is a great honor and privilege for me, the Nation of Islam, and others to welcome Brother Leader Muammar al-Gadhafi, Leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and President of the African Union to his first visit to the United States of America to address the 64th Opening Session of the United Nations."

"You may ask why we feel honored and privileged to welcome him;
it is because ever since we have known him, he has been a friend of the struggle of Black people all over the World for true liberation. 

 In 1971, he loaned the Nation of Islam under the Leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad $3 million. That money allowed us to purchase the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church which became the National Headquarters of the Nation of Islam in Chicago. [Mosque Maryam which was named after the mother of Jesus]"

"In my effort to rebuild the Nation of Islam in accord with the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Brother Gadhafi loaned the Nation of Islam $5 million for our economic development then forgave the loan. Then through the Islamic Call Society, the religious arm of Libya, sponsored one the largest Islamic conferences in America bringing Islamic scholars from all over the world to Chicago. The Islamic Call Society also sponsored two of our World Friendship Tours, which allowed us to visit over 53 countries. Brother Gadhafi was and is a true revolutionary who is still evolving towards the destiny that Allah (God) has for him."  Above taken From the Nation of Islam Web site

More info on Farrakhan:

Here is a video clip of Tim Russert giving "Nation of Islam" spokesman Louis Farrakhan a platform to preach his jew hating propaganda. Video

Farrakhan With Fr. Michael Pfleger
Who hates the 2nd Amendment

Video: Farrakhan "I'm to black people what Pope is to white people"

Minister Louis Farrakhan is the leader of a reconstituted Nation of Islam, the original organization having been renamed and eventually dissolved by Warith Deen Muhammad. The Nation of Islam's National Center and headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois and houses its flagship Mosque No. 2, Mosque Maryam in dedication to Mary, mother of Jesus.

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Inside of Mosque Maryam.

Farrakhan was raised within the West Indian community in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts. His mother had emigrated from Saint Kitts and Nevis in the 1920s; his father was a Jamaican cab driver from New York, but was not involved in his upbringing. As a child, he received training as a violinist. At the age of six, he was given his first violin and by the age of 13, he had played with the Jesuit Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, Walcott went on to win national competitions, as well as the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour. He was one of the first blacks to appear on the popular show.
In Boston, Farrakhan attended the prestigious Boston Latin School. The school symbol is Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome! and English High School, graduating from the latter1. He attended college for two years at Winston-Salem State University teachers college, but left to continue a career as an entertainer. In the 1950s, Farrakhan became an up-and-coming calypso singer. He recorded several calypso albums under the name "The Charmer." [1] In 1955, while headlining a show in Chicago entitled "Calypso Follies," he first came in contact with the teachings of the Nation of Islam.

Check out this ARTICLE Called: “Louis Farrakhan claims he is both a Muslim and a Christian (Catholic)” Quote from article, “A packed house welcomed Minister Louis Farrakhan to St. Sabina Catholic Church on Friday night with a standing ovation and cheers for his health.

The 74-year-old provocative Nation of Islam leader, who has endured a series of health setbacks, didn't speak from the Quran but from the Bible (The Catholic [Per]Version).

“Even though I am a Muslim — I don’t apologize for that — I’m also a Christian,” he told the crowd at 1210 W. 78th Pl. “Islam considers the Bible a sacred book.” (Yes, but the Bible considers Islam one of the many daughters of the Mother of Abominations - Revelations 17:5)

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