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Nazi Victims Ask EU to Probe Vatican on Looted Assets

Holocaust survivors from the former Yugoslavia accused the Vatican of helping Nazi allies launder their stolen valuables and have asked the European Commission to investigate their claims.

“We are requesting the commission open an inquiry into allegations of money laundering of Holocaust victim assets by financial organs associated with or which are agencies of the Vatican City State,”

Jonathan Levy, a Washington-based attorney for the survivors and their heirs, wrote in a letter dated Oct. 20 to Olli Rehn, the European Union’s economic and monetary affairs commissioner. Levy provided the letter to Bloomberg.
The request follows a decade-long lawsuit in U.S. courts on behalf of Holocaust survivors and their heirs from the former Yugoslavia and Ukraine. That case, basing its claims on a U.S. State Department report on the fate of Nazi plunder, alleged that the Vatican Bank laundered assets stolen from thousands of Jews, gypsies and Serbs killed or captured by the Ustasha, the Nazi-backed regime of wartime Croatia. The Vatican repeatedly denied the charges and the findings of the 1998 U.S. report.

Amadeu Altafaj, Rehn’s spokesman, said in Brussels today that the commission had received Levy’s letter and contacted Vatican authorities about it. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi declined to comment on Levy’s request to the commission.

Vatican Immunity

The U.S. case, which sought as much as $2 billion in restitution, was dismissed last December by a U.S. appeals court in San Francisco on grounds that the Vatican Bank enjoyed immunity under the 1976 Foreign Service Immunities Act, which may prevent foreign governments from facing lawsuits in the U.S.
The commission should have the authority to probe the Institute for Religious Works, or IOR, as the Vatican Bank is called, according to Levy’s letter. It cites a monetary accord signed on Dec. 17 of last year. Under the agreement the Vatican, which uses the euro and issues euro coins, pledged to implement EU laws against money laundering, counterfeiting and fraud.

Rome prosecutors have also sought to show that the Vatican bank is covered under European law. Last month they seized 23 million euros ($32 million) from an Italian account registered to the IOR as they opened a probe into alleged violations of money-laundering laws by the Vatican Bank.

“We looked at all the places where the Vatican may have surrendered sovereignty,” Levy said in a telephone interview. “The only place we could find was with the euro, where they placed themselves under the jurisdiction of either the European Central Bank or the European Commission.”

Swiss Payout

Levy initially contacted the legal office of the Frankfurt- based ECB and was told to take the claim to the commission, he said. An ECB spokeswoman confirmed that after being contacted by Levy, the central bank advised him to go directly to the EU’s executive arm.

The U.S. lawsuit was first filed in 1999, one year after an official Swiss commission concluded that Switzerland received three times more gold taken from Nazi victims than previously estimated by the U.S. government. The same year, UBS AG and Credit Suisse AG, the biggest Swiss banks, agreed to pay $1.25 billion in compensation to Holocaust survivors and their heirs.

In his letter, Levy said “gold and other valuables” stolen in the “genocidal” murder of 500,000 Serbs, Jews and gypsies “were deposited at the Vatican in 1946,” according to “contemporaneous documents authored by Allied investigators” and “the sworn testimony of former U.S. Special Agent William Gowen.” He interviewed and investigated the Ustasha involved in transferring the loot while stationed in Rome after the war.

Euro Coins

Under its agreement with the commission, Vatican City State, a sovereign nation outside the EU, may issue a maximum of 2.3 million euros in coins in 2010 through the Italian mint, not including a further variable amount. The Vatican also pledged to implement EU legislation against money laundering by year-end.
Rehn said the Vatican has submitted its first draft laws “on the prevention of money laundering and the fight against fraud and counterfeiting” and the commission is analyzing them, according to his reply to a question from a member of the European Parliament, posted on its website on Sept. 9.

Lombardi on Oct. 23 declined to say whether the Vatican intends to meet the Dec. 31 deadline for implementing the EU legislation.

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Vatican body asks UN to 'end Israeli occupation'

Vatican body asks UN to 'end Israeli occupation'

In final statement of two-week conference, bishops' synod urges international community to take 'necessary legal steps to put an end to the occupation of the different Arab territories'

Reuters Published: 10.23.10, 14:00 / Israel News,7340,L-3973590,00.html

Israel cannot use the Biblical concept of a promised land or a chosen people to justify new "settlements" in Jerusalem or territorial claims, a Vatican synod on the Middle East said on Saturday.

In its concluding message after two weeks of meetings, the synod of bishops from the Middle East also said it hoped a two-state solution for peace between Israel and the Palestinians
could be lifted from dream to reality and called for peaceful conditions that would stop a Christian exodus from the region.

"We have meditated on the situation of the holy city of Jerusalem. We are anxious about the unilateral initiatives that threaten its composition and risk to change its demographic balance," the message said.

US-brokered peace talks have stalled since Israel rejected appeals to extend a temporary moratorium on settlement construction in the West Bank that expired last month.

Since the freeze expired, Israel has announced plans to build another 238 homes in two east Jerusalem neighborhoods, drawing the condemnation of Palestinians and world leaders.

In a separate part of the document -- a section on cooperation with Jews -- the synod fathers also took issue with Jews who use the Bible to justify settlements in the West Bank, which Israel captured in 1967.

"Recourse to theological and biblical positions which use the Word of God to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable," the document said.

Many Jewish settlers and right-wing Israelis claim a biblical birthright to the West Bank, which they call Judea and Samaria and regard as a part of historical, ancient Israel given to the Jews by God.

Asked about the passage at a news conference, Greek-Melchite Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros, said:

"We Christians cannot speak about the promised land for the Jewish people. There is no longer a chosen people. All men and women of all countries have become the chosen people.

"The concept of the promised land cannot be used as a base for the justification of the return of Jews to Israel and the displacement of Palestinians," he added. "The justification of Israel's occupation of the land of Palestine cannot be based on sacred scriptures."

The synod's concluding message repeated a Vatican call for Jerusalem to have a special status "which respects its particular character" as a city sacred to the three great monotheistic religions -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Jerusalem remains a key issue of dispute. Palestinians want east Jerusalem for capital of a future state. Israel has annexed the area, a move never recognized internationally, and has declared Jerusalem to be its "united and eternal" capital.

Israel did not include east Jerusalem as part of its 10-month building freeze, though most plans there were put on hold in March, when the U.S. protested reports of a new housing project leaked during a visit by Vice President Joe Biden.

East Jerusalem was also captured by Israel in 1967.

While recognizing "the suffering and insecurity in which Israelis live" and the need for Israel to enjoy peace within internationally recognized borders, the document was much more expansive and detailed on the situation of Palestinians.

It said Palestinians "are suffering the consequences of the Israeli occupation: the lack of freedom of movement, the wall of separation and the military checkpoints, the political prisoners, the demolition of homes, the disturbance of socio-economic life and the thousands of refugees."

It urged Christians in the region not to sell their homes and properties. "It is a vital aspect of the lives of those who remain there and for those who one day will return there."

It condemned terrorism "from wherever it may proceed" as well as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and discrimination against Christians.

SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)
Bishop Accountability Org


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The guiding principle of Pope Gregory was, “Ignorance is the mother of piety.”

After you read about Pope ("Saint") Gregory the Great you'll understand why Rupert Murdoch was made a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.

"The guiding principle of Pope Gregory was, “Ignorance is the mother of piety.” According to this principle, Gregory burned the precious Palestine Library founded by Emperor Augustus, destroyed the greater part of the writings of Livy and forbade the study of the classics."

Read Article

My research

Then do your own research!

It’s Official: Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Part of DHS

dhs(From the Oath Keepers Web site)

As the below document makes clear, Southern Poverty Law Center is Now Officially Part of DHS. The CEO of SPLC now sits on the DHS “Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism” along with the leaders of other So-called Non Government Organizations (but can we really call them such now that they are part of the government?) And select “law enforcement” officers such as the Clark County Nevada Sheriff, Doug Gillespie.  What does the working group do?  Make recommendations on training and how to use all of the local resources – police, social services, media, NGO’s, you name it – to fight “extremism.  So, now no need to file a FOIA request to discover that SPLC is writing the reports naming constitutionalists as possible terrorists.  Now it is in your face and the mask is off.

When you read the below document, keep in mind the current ordeal of the Irish family where their newborn baby was taken based on an affidavit that notes the father’s “association with a militia group known as Oath Keepers.”. Pay attention to who sits on this panel (see pages 26-30), to who DOESN’T, how they plan on reaching DHS tentacles down into every level of society, and how they talk overtly about the need to utilize local SOCIAL WELFARE and MENTAL HEALTH agencies to counter “violent extremism.”. In other words, what is now being done to the Irish family will be done all over.

This is the overt politicization of DHS, to use it against political enemies.

I will post more on this later today.

Stewart Rhodes

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Senate Report: Contractors Funded Afghan Warlords

Five Shocking Findings of the Afghan Contractor Probe

Republican candidate for Senate Ron Johnson Testified To Protect Catholic Church From Sex Abuse Lawsuits

As a member of the finance council for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay until he resigned to run for Senate this year, Ron Johnson served alongside a bishop named Robert Morneau who, as a Church leader, had been made aware over two decades ago of the abusive tendencies of Rev. John Feeney.

Rev. Feeney was convicted in 2003, before Johnson joined the council, for sexually assaulting two brothers in the late 1970s. But according to documents obtained by the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the Church sought to cover up his crimes, which one reverend called "sexually very inappropriate."
Seven years later, Johnson testified before the Wisconsin State Senate against legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations for such crimes, making it easier for victims of sexual abuse to seek damages from the Church or any other culpable institution.

The testimony first arose in the context of the race in a June article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and has been dogging Johnson more or less ever since. His connection to Morneau raises questions about how familiar Johnson (who is not a Catholic) was with the diocese's hidden scandals. Those questions couldn't come at a worse time for the GOP hopeful, who leads Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) in the polls ahead of the November election.
TPM contacted numerous attorneys, advocates, and other members of the finance council of the Diocese of Green Bay to explain the finance council's role at the church, and the information it was privy to with respect to sexually abusive clergy. What we learned suggests that it's very difficult to separate Johnson's role as finance committee member from his role as legislative witness seeking to protect the Church from future lawsuits, when he told the panel, "I urge you to defeat this legislation."

Johnson insisted at the time that he testified as an active member of the business and non-profit community -- not specifically, and most pressingly, as a representative of the Catholic Church. But the road he took to testifying at the Madison statehouse in January of this year belies that contention.
Deacon Tim Reilly, Director of Administration for the Diocese of Green Bay told TPM that the Church played a significant role in getting Johnson to the state capital. According to Reilly, the Church didn't support the legislation and wanted to raise public awareness of its objections. So the diocese arranged for a meeting with Randy Hopper, the state senator in the Oshkosh area who sits on the panel that was deciding whether this legislation would go to the floor for a vote. Some 20 people met at St. Rafael's Parish in Oshkosh, several of whom spoke -- including Johnson. His arguments were among the most articulate and persuasive to the group, so Hopper asked him to go to Madison and testify -- the sort of not-quite-lobbying that happens in Washington and in state capitals around the country all the time.

Reilly reiterated to TPM that Johnson was not speaking specifically on behalf of the church. "He was speaking on his own behalf, as a concerned citizen, that this would adversely affect the Catholic School System and the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA and other non-profits without government protection."
That beggars belief, according to experts and clergymen.

"He can't be testifying just as a concerned citizen," says Father Tom Doyle, a priest who presciently warned the Catholic Church about the looming sex abuse scandal years ago. "If he was a member of the finance council of the diocese, the senator picked him out not because he was concerned about the Boys and Girls Club.... I don't know of any instance where a layperson, on his own, without any connection with the Church administration has come forward to testify."

Doyle admonished that, though many finance councils around the country are intimately familiar with diocesan secrets (both good and bad), they are in some instances left in the dark by their bishops. He has no direct knowledge of what the finance council knew in Johnson's case.

After learning of Johnson's testimony in news reports a former Johnson supporter named Todd Merryfield -- one of Feeney's victims -- appeared on MSNBC to announce that he'd renounced his support for the Tea Party-backed candidate.

For Merryfield and others who advocate on behalf of abuse victims, legislation extending the statute of limitations in child abuse cases was and remains a key legislative goal, and Johnson's successful attempt to kill it is a nearly unpardonable sin. But in addition to seeking penance from Johnson, and calling on him to press the Church to release information about priest abuse, they want to know what he knew when he testified in January.

"We don't know exactly what he knew," Merryfield told TPM in a phone interview. "It just seemed a little strange that he was in a position of knowledge being on the finance council, having to sign the checks to everyone being paid."

The issue has taken on greater salience as Johnson's lead over Feingold has grown. But for victims, the question of whether Johnson was acting as a dispassionate citizen and member of the business community, or as an agent of the Church, is the most crucial.

"These pedophiles that they have hidden away, they pay their room and board, living costs," Merryfield said, speculating that Johnson "has to know who they are because he has to write the checks to somebody."
According to Peter Isely, SNAP's Midwest Director, "It's something of a mystery what this finance council does," though, he says, it's one of the most important positions in the diocese.

Jim Stang, an attorney for official committees of abuse survivors in six Catholic affiliated bankruptcy cases, told TPM that these finance committees -- mandated at every diocese in the country -- are well-positioned to know about the skeletons in the Church's closets. When a case is settled, for instance, it would be in the financial interest of the Church, and therefore the council, to know of any other potential victims, and therefore lawsuits.

"It would certainly be in the area of finance committee's appropriate inquiry to ask," Stang said.
Ultimately, though, Stang said it should come as no surprise that Johnson's testimony so closely mirrored the Church's position.

"I think you'd have to live in some kind of plastic bubble to not make the association between statute of limitations reform and the financial impact on the diocese," Stang said. "It's certainly the argument the Church has been making for years."
According to the 2004 John Jay Report, commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Diocese of Green Bay received 59 allegations of sexual abuse by 35 diocesan priests during the 52 year period of the inquiry, 1950-2002.

Furthermore, the diocese is currently involved in two lawsuits, which, according to Reilly, is just the sort of potential liability the Church would bring to the attention of the council. "I also would say we have two lawsuits going on and depending on how they're settled, depending on whether the judge rules in our favor and how the jury rules, this is the potential financial risk that might be out there in the future," Reilly said. "In the case of the two litigations that we're involved in right now, I feel very strongly that we are on the correct side of the truth, but I said to the council, I need to make everybody aware that there are two lawsuits coming on so it's not a surprise. Nobody likes surprises."

In the past several days, Johnson has claimed in statements to reporters in Wisconsin that he never argued the legislation should fail -- only that he cautioned against some of its provisions. "I sought to warn legislators of those consequences in order to correct legislative language so that any bills that passed would punish the perpetrators," he insisted. In fact he urged state senators to vote down the legislation, claiming that, among other things, it would benefit trial attorneys and do more harm than good to children left in the lurch when organizations get sued and go under.

Now, under attack, he is demanding full transparency from the Diocese of Green Bay.
"I call upon the Green Bay Diocese to provide the utmost transparency in order to answer any lingering questions or doubt among victims of child abuse and those who seek to prevent child abuse in the future," Johnson said.

The Johnson campaign did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Article Source

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Jesse Ventura was never a USN Seal?



From September 11, 1969 to September 10, 1975 Jesse Ventura served in the USN attached to UDT 12, an underwater demolition team. UDT 12 existed at the same time the SEALS existed. The UDTs were later broken up and some of the frogmen as they were called got additional training and became SEALS, some became SDVT and others became NDU and Navy Salvage Divers; but that was in 1983, 8 and a half years after Jesse Ventura, (then Jim Janos) left the US Navy.

Because he CONSTANTLY claims to be a SEAL, a real SEAL Commander Bill Salisbury, a 16 year SEAL team veteran and San Diego attorney wrote an article for the San Diego Reader that basically called him a liar and a phony. Here's the original article:

This got reporters asking questions that Ventura tried to brush off or stonewall, finally, on a Minnesota public radio interview on December 14, 1999 Governor Venturas spokesman confirmed that Ventura was never a member of the Navy SEALs and his stated that the "Governor has never tried to convince people otherwise".

But that didn't stop Jesse. Oh no. After going on and on about how he had "hunted men" in Vietnam when he was a SEAL a TV station got a hold of a copy of his dd-214 discharge papers and noticed that he didn't have a combat action ribbon which was awarded to "those involved in a firefight or who went on clandestine or special operations where the risk of enemy fire was great or expected". The transcript is here:

FINALLY, in January 2002, Ventura ADMITTED to the Pioneer Press and the Minnesota Star Tribune that he did not see combat:

Now he is back to ranting about his non existent SEAL service like nothing ever happened. Why is this important? Because during the time Jesse Ventura was in UDT 12 SEAL team one lost 34 men to combat in Vietnam. UDT 12 lost 1 man to a training accident in the Philippines.

Riggs Bank News

Law firm vice president sells Burleith 2BD
Prior to that, he was the trust officer at Riggs Bank, NA He graduated from United States Military Academy in West Point. He earned his master's degree in ...


Anti-financial crimes business network - US Patent 7805369 Description
For example, AmSouth Bank was fined $50 million for failure to file SARs as required by laws; Riggs Bank was fined $25 million for failure to file SARs; UBS was fined $100 million for failure to comply with the requirements set by the ...
PatentStorm -> Patents -> Data... -
Facts about Equatorial Guinea | Africannewslive
By Newslive
A 2004 US Senate investigation into the Washington-based Riggs Bank found that President Obiang's family had received huge payments from US oil companies such as Exxon Mobil and Amerada Hess. Observers say the US finds it hard to ...
Africannewslive -

Geoffrey Robertson vs Pope Benedict XVI

Geoffrey Robertson would like to see Pope Benedict XVI be made accountable for years of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.
The Australian-born QC's new book, The Case of the Pope, says the Pope is morally responsible for a crime against humanity.

click to listen to audio

"What we're dealing with is tens of thousands of rapes of children. When you investigate the particular areas in Ireland three judicial reports have said endemic in Catholic intuitions - wide spread and systematic.

"That happens to be the definition of a crime against humanity."

He believes the Vatican have caused the widespread nature of the abuse.

"They were moving paedophile priests from one country to another and covering up paedophilia in the church by a medieval process of canon law, where bishops don't hand over priests to the police to prosecute. They deal with them in private, where the punishment is to go and do penance."

Mr Robertson wants to see the system of canon law changed.

The QC refutes the claims from various publications and commentators that the numbers of priests sexually abusing children have been sensationalised.

"The Church itself accepts up to five per cent which is twenty thousand. A paedophile priest throughout their life will molest dozens of children. An Austrian Cardinal is said to have molested thousands of children in a sixty year life."

While Mr Robertson doesn't blame the Pope for any actual abuse personally.

"All I'm saying is that the Vatican should comply with the convention of the Rights of the Child, which every country except America has ratified.

"The Vatican must adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards the abuse of a child and a mandatory reporting policy, handing over evidence of abuse to police and a protection for whistle blowers."
He thinks the Pope will make these changes.

"He's come along way. In Easter he was passing this off as petty gossip. Last week in England he apologised for what he called 'the unspeakable crimes of my clergy'.

"I'm pushing at an open door."

article link:

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'If you tell, you go to hell'

"As Pope Benedict continues his visit to Britain, Channel 4 News north of England Nick Martin meets three clerical sex abuse victims who tell him their harrowing stories." Read More

**Update** It seems that channel 4 News decided to take down this story. I wonder why.........

Here's another link to the story.

But if you click it you'll see that the story has been removed. The video was very important and damaging to the Vatican. That is why it was removed.

Here's the text of the article at least:

"As Pope Benedict continues his visit to Britain, Channel 4 News north of England Nick Martin meets three clerical sex abuse victims who tell him their harrowing stories. Therese Albrecht looks me straight in the eyes and says: “I planned the whole thing; I was going to buy a gun, go see the priest who abused me, shoot him in the head and then kill myself – that’s how bad it got.”
She did not, because she feared she would go to hell for killing the priest.
Ms Albrecht is a straight talker. A former New York cop, she was abused at the age of eight by her parish priest.

”The priest who abused me controlled me through fear,” she said. ”There was a rhyme: ‘If you tell, you go to hell.’ It worked. I didn’t tell. Not for a long time.” Life’s work to protect children I am spending two days with three women who have made it their life’s work to prod and pester the Vatican. They want the Pope to do more to protect children who come into contact with priests intent on abusing them. 

And they are not satisfied with the Pope’s expressions of regret on the first day of a four-day state visit to the UK. “We have heard the apologies, now we want action,” said Barbara Blaine, the president and founder of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP). 

”I was abused by my priest from the age of 13. My family looked up to him, the whole community looked up to him. It was horrendous, embarrassing but I was just a child and I didn’t understand what was happening,” she said. The pair have travelled from the US to be in Edinburgh for the papal visit. With them is Barbara Dorris, a retired gym teacher who was raped at the age of six by her parish priest.

“The priest told my mother to put me in my best dress and send me to church to help out,” she said.

”My mother was so proud that I had been chosen. I was a special chosen one. She didn’t know that he was raping me.”

SNAP says the way the Catholic church is dealing with emerging cases of child abuse at the hands of priests is inadequate and it is looking to the Pope for action. 

The Catholic church says there has been radical changes to the way they deal with this issue and that priests found guilty of abusing children should never have access to youngsters again. But SNAP wants to see a register formed so that priests who they say have been “credibly accused” of child abuse could be named and shamed so that parents can protect their children."

Official PRIEST Trailer - In Theaters 5/13/2011

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Father Marcial Maciel, was my dad, and he sexually abused me, Raul Gonzalez claims in lawsuit

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010, 8:52 AM
Pope John Paul II is seen giving his blessing to Father Marcial Maciel in 2004. Maciel has been accused of sexually abusing children, including his own, in a lawsuit. He died in 2008.
Pope John Paul II is seen giving his blessing to Father Marcial Maciel in 2004. Maciel has been accused of sexually abusing children, including his own, in a lawsuit. He died in 2008.
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez
He was a celebrated priest, praised by Pope John Paul II.

But Father Marcial Maciel had secrets, which included illegitimate children and sexual abuse, according to a lawsuit filed in Connecticut on Monday.

Raul Gonzalez claims the Vatican protected the man he knew as his father for decades, chiefly because of his efforts with the highly profitable Legion of Christ.

"My dad told my mom that he was a CIA agent," Gonzalez told ABC News' "Nightline." "He always told my mom that he was a really busy man. That he was always flying on his trips because of the business of his company."

It wasn't until he saw Maciel on the cover of a magazine, dressed in priest garb, that he learned the truth.
In the lawsuit, Gonzalez claims he, and other children, were sexually abused by Father Maciel during his time as director of the Legionaries of Christ, a congregation he founded in 1941.

"He is one of the many, many kids, and others abused and deceived by Maciel," says Jeffrey Anderson, Gonzalez's lawyer.

Gonzalez alleges the abuse began when he was 7 years old during a trip to Colombia. He told "Nightline" that his half-brother, Omar, also was abused.

"He told me that his uncle sometimes made him masturbate him and, basically, the idea of my dad was to transmit that idea to me," said Gonzalez, according to ABC News.

Gonzalez described many different kinds of abuse he claims Maciel committed.

"He always told us we had to kiss him because that was how we would learn how to kiss a girl when we grew up," he said.

In the lawsuit, he alleges Father Maciel was protected by the church -- including Pope Paul II -- because of his efforts in raising money, as well as providing gifts and benefits to Vatican officials.

"My dad told my mom that when John Paul II dies, he was going to be in trouble," Gonzalez said.
After the death of Pope Paul II, Maciel was stripped of his authority and the Legion of Christ was taken over by the Vatican. Father Maciel was still a priest when he died in 2008.

The Vatican and the Legion of Christ did not comment on the ABC News report. Gonzalez says he has met with officials several times regarding a settlement, and has demanded $26 million.; or follow him at

Read more:

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Rupert Murdoch Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great

News Corp

04/03/08 Murdoch defends News Corp The Georgetown Voice - Washington,DC,USA by John Cooke Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is just like the Jesuits, he told a mostly-full Gaston Hall yesterday, “except we don’t insist on vows of ...

Picture Positive

Anyone who can not see that the Catholic Church dominates
American Politics needs to look
at these photographs.

First of all I want to show several close Jesuit affiliations to powerful people such as, U.S. Presidents, Governors, Senators, Hollywood stars and main-stream media personalities.

I will do this with pictures and a short description of who the people are and what was going on at the time. I expect you to research these things on your own as well. I almost always need more than one source to be convinced of something myself. Except of course when there are pictures involved. It's said a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll let the images do most of the talking.

links temporarily disabled
Alex JonesThe 'Sheen' NameMainstream NewsThe Titanic
HollywoodCIA - FBIReagan-BushPolitical, Other

26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.
30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.
1 Corinthians 1:26-31

The Black Pope AKA "Father General" or
Superior General of the Society of Jesus.

Who's Superior?
"Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?" George W Bush —Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

How come we don't have a man as intelligent as Kolvenbach as our President?
Think about that. Instead we have this goof ball.
There's a new Black Pope: Reverend Father Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, S.J., S.T.D. (born April 29, 1936) is a Spanish priest of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the thirtieth and current Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. ~More Info

Jesuit Headquarters in Rome Italy

Jesuitism stepping on the neck of Protestantism.

Jesuits are the Counter-Reformation.

The Reformation wanted freedom from the papacy and challenged their authority by showing that their doctrines were unbiblical.

CIA                            FBI  
Who formed the CIA? It was a Catholic Knight of Malta, William "Wild Bill" Donovan. He was considered the "father of the CIA." he was also the former head of the OSS before he was used to create the CIA.

Donovan was given an especially prestigious form of knighthood that has only been given to a hundred other men in history. ~Source
Over the years there have been many CIA bosses who were also Knights of Malta and/or jesuit trained.

Like CIA directors, William Casey, Allen Dulles, William E. Colby, John McCone, George Tenet. CIA Officers, William F. Buckley, Jr., James Jesus Angelton.
Nazi Officers, Reinhard Gehlen, Heinrich Himmler, Franz von Papen.

Other Fascist Leaders who were Knights of Malta, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, Augusto Pinochet.

These are just a few....
Who Formed the FBI? It was a powerful Roman Catholic who was also a Knight of Malta and a trustee of The Catholic University of America. Charles Joseph Bonaparte.

Here you can see they are still close knit. From Left to right you have: Louis B. Freeh, director of the FBI (When Waco went down), President of CUA (Same University Bonaparte' was a trustee of) David M. O'Connell, C.M., SJ (Jesuit), and Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston (Big time Pedophile Priest).
Some more CIA - Knights of Malta Connections:

Director of such propaganda organizations as the U.S. Information Agency, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Also executive vice-president of CBS-TV and vice-chairman of RKO General Inc. He is currently chairman of the board of trustees at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank.

William Simon
Treasury Secretary under President Nixon. In the private sector, he has become one of America’s 400 richest individuals by working in international finance. Today he is the President of the John M. Olin Foundation, a major funder of right-wing think tanks.

William F. Buckley, Jr.
CIA agent, conservative pundit and mass media personality.

James Buckley
William’s brother, head of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.

Clare Boothe Luce
The grand dame of the Cold War was also a Dame of Malta. She was a popular playwright and the wife of the publishing tycoon Henry Luce, who co founded Time magazine.

Francis X Stankard
CEO of the international division of Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller institution. (Nelson Rockefeller was also a major CIA figure.)

John Farrell
President, U.S. Steel

Lee Iacocca
Chairman, General Motors

William S. Schreyer
Chairman, Merrill Lynch.

Richard R. Shinn
Chairman, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Joseph Kennedy
Founder of the Kennedy empire.

Baron Hilton
Owner, Hilton Hotel chain.

Patrick J. Frawley Jr.
Heir, Schick razor fortune. Frawley is a famous funder of right-wing Catholic causes, such as the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.

Ralph Abplanalp
Aerosol magnate.

Martin F. Shea
Executive vice president of Morgan Guaranty Trust.

Joseph Brennan
Chairman of the executive committee of the Emigrant Savings Bank of New York.

J. Peter Grace
President, W.R. Grace Company. He was a key figure in Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists and spies to the U.S. Many were war criminals whose atrocities were excused in their service to the CIA.

Thomas Bolan
Of Saxe, Bacon and Bolan, the law firm of Senator McCarthy's deceased aide Roy Cohn.

Bowie Kuhn
Baseball Commissioner

Cardinal John O'Connor
Extreme right-wing leader among American Catholics, and fervent abortion opponent.

Cardinal Francis Spellman
The "American Pope" was at one time the most powerful Catholic in America, an arch-conservative and a rabid anti-communist.

Cardinal Bernard Law
One of the highest-ranking conservatives in the American church.

Alexander Haig
Secretary of State under President Reagan.
dmiral James D. Watkins
Hard-line chief of naval operations under President Reagan.

Jeremy Denton
Senator (R–Al).

Pete Domenici
Senator (R-New Mexico).

Walter J. Hickel
Governor of Alaska and secretary of the interior.

When this group gets together, obviously, the topics are spying, business and politics.

The CIA has also used other religious and charity organizations as fronts. For example, John F. Kennedy -- another anticommunist Roman Catholic who greatly expanded covert operations -- created the U.S. Peace Corps to serve as cover for CIA operatives. The CIA has also made extensive use of missionaries, with the blessings of many right-wing, anticommunist Christian denominations.

But the World Grows Wise…
It was only a matter of time before other nations caught on to these fronts. They learned that when the CIA comes to their countries to commit their crimes and atrocities, they come disguised as American journalists, businessmen, missionaries and charity volunteers. Unfortunately, foreigners are now targeting these professions as hostile. In Lebanon, terrorists held U.S. journalist Terry Anderson hostage for nearly seven years, on the not unreasonable assumption that he was a spy. Whether or not this was true is beside the point. The CIA has put all Americans abroad at risk, whether they are CIA agents or not. In hearings before the Senate in 1996, many organizations urged Congress to stop using their professions as CIA cover. Don Argue of the National Association of Evangelicals testified: "Such use of missionary agents for covert activities by the CIA would be unethical and immoral." 13

From the Cold War to the Class War

~More detailed info

Christianity or Paganism?(This topic moved HERE)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Martin Sheen
(My information on Martin Sheen has been moved HERE)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Left) Pope Pius XII with Bishop Fulton Sheen.
(Hitler's Pope, Signed a Concordat With Hitler in 1933)

Bishop Fulton Sheen is the one Martin Sheen took his stage name after. Martin Sheen's real name is, Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez.
Another Movie Martin Sheen played in is called, "The Conflict" a.k.a. "Catholics"
Watch Online

Link One

Link Two

Synopsis: In this drama, a conservative Catholic priest (Martin Sheen) representing the Pope (And the Black Pope) is sent to Ireland to settle down a few influential radical priests whose doctrine is contrary to standard church guidelines. AKA The Conflict. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide.

Description: "...In the near future, the Catholic church has joined with other western religions in an ecumenical movement that has washed out much of the original message of the religion. A group of Irish monks have begun saying the mass again in Latin and have begun to have an international following. Martin Sheen is sent from Rome to bring them to task and they must confront what is truly......."

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Martin Sheen (Jesuit Coadjutor) and some other Jesuit protesting the shooting a some Jesuits in El Salvador.
Martin Sheen gets an audience with pope John Paul II

The Titanic
Martin Sheen narrated National Geographic: Secrets of the Titanic and Discovery's Two Part Documentary. Now get this, the pictures that were used in this film were taken by a Jesuit Priest Francis M. Browne, SJ from Ireland who boarded the ship and exited conveniently before the last fateful voyage. When the Titanic went down, so did three of the richest and most prominent men in the world. These three men were against the forming of the federal Reserve Bank to whom all Americans are indebted and in bondage to. Additional link

The Three men of Whom I speak were:
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Benjamin GuggenheimJohn Jacob Astor IVIsidor Straus

Dear Brother Eric and Brethren in Christ Jesus,
The National Geographic special "The Secrets of the Titanic" is on YouTube. Here the links to the five parts (about 10 min each) of the documentary. Watch it while it's still available. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

At 6:16 of Part 1 Coadjutor Sheen describes authentic pictures of Titanic before she sailed for the last time. These photos were taken by Irish Jesuit Fr. Francis M. Browne (referred to as "a vacationing priest") by Coadjutor Sheen never admitting Browne was a Jesuit nor does he explain why Jesuit Browne disembarked from Titanic after briefing Temporal Coadjutor Captain Edward John Smith that he had bring Titanic down deliberately and ignore any warnings of icebergs. Disclaimer-the following info (I'm paraphrasing) was on Wikipedia which I am not completely sure of in terms of veracity. I will see if
more credible and reliable sources confirm this.

> >From

Browne's Jesuit provincial forewarned him by ordering him to "GET OFF THAT SHIP-PROVINCIAL" after he requested permission from his superior
Father Provincial to travel to New York with an American millionaire couple who offered to pay Jesuit Browne's way to New York and back in exchange for his company during the voyage.

This web site is the Father Browne Photographic Collection. Not surprisingly it does not detail what Jesuit Browne's provincial actually told him but it does say he was ordered to disembark from the doomed Titanic.

Robert D. Ballard is reported to be the first to discover the wreckage of the Titanic. It is disputed whether Ballard truly found the remnants of Titanic because a Royal Navy vessel in 1977 according to found it first.
Ballard and coadjutor Sheen worked together in this documentary. Ballard directed it and Sheen narrated. As a matter of fact, Ballard will be my graduating class' guest Commencement speaker on May 21. I believe it is possible Ballard is a coadjutor himself because he refuses to address the possibility that a rival team of discoverers got to Titanic first. He might be aiding the Jesuit cover-up. Perhaps because Ballard receives the praise of the Pope's CFR press, notoriety, fame, and recognition for his discovery he keeps his mouth shut not telling the truth (for fear of death) about why Titanic was sunk and was always meant to be destroyed from its inception just like the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

Brother Nicholas

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones


Alex Jones is a CIA agent of the continued Project Mockingbird and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson receiving his Honorary Doctorate at LOYOLA "Jesuit" Marymount University in LA back in May 2003. Who's he with? Jesuit William J Fulco
user posted image

Fr. Bill Fulco, SJ, professor of ancient Mediterranean studies at Loyola Marymount University, translated Mel Gibson's film script for The Passion of the Christ into Aramaic and Latin and was language coach for the actors on location in Italy.

Mel Gibson's first name comes from a 5th-century Irish saint, Mel, founder of the diocese of Ardagh containing most of his mother's native county, while his second name, Columcille is also linked to an Irish saint. Columcille is the name of the parish in County Longford where Anne Reilly was born and raised. - Hutton Gibson's new Web site

Hutton Gibson's Video

"Gibson was Opus Dei and an assistant director of The Passion. Thus Gibson is "affiliated" with Opus Dei, but not formally a member according to Opus Dei sources. Most assuredly, Gibson is a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor evidenced by his submission to Jesuit William J. Fulco."

-Brother Eric (Phelps)

Another Link Exposing Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, is shown here after celebrating a Mass for the Dead. As befits such an austere ceremony, the Cardinal is wearing the simple mitre of plain white damask. This would also be the kind of mitre he would wear if in the presence of the Pope.

Steve Saxton - SMOM

Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktaum Bin Rashid Bin Saeed and Sir Steven Saxton
Steven Saxton: Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Hollywood Studios International In 2004, he was inducted as a Knight by the Knights of Malta Coptic Catholic. Sir Steven Saxton's nomination has been endorsed by Grand Master H.S.H. Prince Antonio Ruspoli, approved by Cardinal Stephanos II, Patriarch of Alexandria, blessed by his eminence, Pope John Paul II and is on record at the Vatican in Rome .

Steven Saxton visits with His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in Dubai

Mark Wahlberg Has A Vatican Cross In His Bedroom

Mark WahlbergReligious The Departed star Mark Wahlberg has turned his bedroom into a sacred space, complete with holy water and the replica of a crucifixion art piece that stands at the Vatican. The Catholic actor takes his religion seriously and claims his Frederick Hart clear resin cross with a statue of the crucified Christ inside is one of his proudest possessions.
Wahlberg showed off the sculpture, which stands in an antechamber of the master bedroom he shares with girlfriend Rhea Durham and their two kids, as part of a recent interview with movie magazine Premiere. Wahlberg says, "(Hart) was a famous sculptor who's done all kinds of religious work... for cathedrals and stuff. There's two of these (sculptures) - one in the Vatican and one here. The actor keeps a bottle of holy water by the side of the Hart cross so he can use the antechamber as his own personal chapel whenever he's home."
Lionel Ritchie

Lionel Ritchie with J. Donald Monan, SJ.
(President of Jesuit Boston College)
Lionel B. Ritchie—“a superstar in the dazzling Motown constellation,” said his BC citation—who received an honorary degree on May 19. Ritchie was recognized for his role in producing “We Are The World,” a chart-topping song that raised millions of dollars to fight famine in Africa. During the ceremony, at the urging of Fr. Monan, Ritchie sang a verse of “We Are the World,” and was joined in song by the many thousands on the field and in the stands.

TOM CRUISE - Is he a Psy-op?

Hmmm, why would i say that..? Well, first off, he was raised Catholic and he even studied to be a Catholic Priest. His mother is a practicing Catholic AND Scientologist. Tom Cruise is also godfather to Jennifer Lopez's and Marc Anthony's twins. Lopez and Anthony are very religious Roman catholics so it's odd that they would have Tom Cruise to be the godfather of their Catholic twins.
Here's where a big piece of a possible Psy-Op (Psychological Operation) comes in. Tom's former wife, Nicole Kidman is a Roman Catholic and stated publically that scientology isn't compatible with catholicism and thus aided the split between them ending in divorce. What more public way could Roman Catholicism be divided from Scientology?
Oh, I could go on here and piece together a lot more regarding this. But let me say Scientology is very odd in itself. I believe Scientology is in fact a huge Psy-Op. Think about the fact that L Ron Hubbard was NAVY Intelligence officer. He then starts this religion and begins stating that the CIA and FBI is bad. Congressman leo Ryan who was Jesuit trained was an outspoken critic of Scientology and then was assassinated in Guyana investigation Jim Jones and Jonestown. In the wake of Leo Ryan's assassination, CAN (Cult Awareness Network) was created. CAN went after Scientology and was sued by scientology and Scientology won, and then took over CAN. Are you beginning to see what's happening?

There seems to be a tremendous drama being played out before our eyes. The whole thing seems contrived and I suspect the ending of this drama won't be very nice.

-Thomas Richards

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Rupert Murdoch

04/03/08 Murdoch defends News Corp The Georgetown Voice - Washington,DC,USA by John Cooke Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is just like the Jesuits, he told a mostly-full Gaston Hall yesterday, “except we don’t insist on vows of ...

(Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation) Papal Knight of St. Gregory. Rupert Murdoch was born Catholic. His mother's maiden name was "Greene"  In 1998 Rupert was made a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the great. Another Knight of the Order of St Gregory the Great was John J Raskob who was married to another "Greene" (Helena).

Greene is not of Jewish origin. You can see the roots of the Greene name here.

Later some Jews took the name "Green (e)" but it's highly unlikely and is not proven that Rupert's mother was Jewish or that Raskob's wife was Jewish.

Interesting point, The powerful and controversial Roman Catholic, José María Aznar is President of the Board of Directors of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

Re: NewsCorp
Dear friends,
Here's good tidbit of information. Viet Dihn, main architect of the U.S. Patriot Act is also on the board of directors of the powerful News Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch.

  • Viet Dinh Professor of Law Georgetown University

  • And the powerful Roman catholic, Fascist, former president of Spain, and personal friend of King Juan Carlos of Spain, José María Aznar is current President (of the board of directors). He is the one Hugo Chavez called a Fascist and King Juan Carlos told Hugo to "shut up".

    To the left Chavez calls Aznar a "Fascist" and above you see they are all really allies.

    (Mr. Aznar has been a Distinguished Scholar at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Georgetown University since 2004 ~Link
    Another member of the Board is, Andrew Stephen Bower Knight (born 1 November 1939 in England) is a journalist, editor, and media baron.
    He was educated at the Roman Catholic school Ampleforth College, where he was appointed Head Boy, and was awarded an Exhibition to Balliol College, Oxford (MA, Modern History).
    Director of Rothschild Investment Trust Capital Partners plc since 1997
    Interesting and strange connection: Another NewsCorp board member Rod Paige, (2nd Link)was sitting with George W. Bush at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, when Bush received the news that a second plane had hit the World Trade Center in the September 11, 2001 attacks.
    He is also prominent member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

    Walter Annenberg, created TV Guide Was also a Knight of the Order of St Gregory.

    U.S. Media Executive/Publisher/Diplomat

    As a media magnate Walter Annenberg controlled important properties in the newspaper, television, and magazine industries. Perhaps most significantly, he was responsible for the creation of TV Guide, the largest circulation weekly magazine in the world, a magazine central to understanding television in America. He was also very active in the arena of American politics, and served as United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James. In his later life, Annenberg became renowned for his substantial philanthropic activities, which included significant donations to educational institutions and public television.

    Henry R. Luce (center) - Knight of Malta; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Editor, Time/Life, whose office was in Rockefeller Center across the street from Cardinal Spellman's St. Patrick's Cathedral; purchased the Zapruder Film for 150,000 Federal Reserve Notes two days after the assassination and published the notorious forgery of Sward holding a rifle on the cover of Life magazine. (Cardinal Spellman, Right) From VaticanAssassins.Org

    Chris MatthewsPat Buchanan

    Chris Matthews as a
    Holy Cross student

    Pat Buchanan as Georgetown
    University Student

    Phil Donahue
    In 1953, Donahue was a member of the first graduating class of St. Edward High School, an all-boys college prep Catholic high school run by the Brothers of Holy Cross in suburban Lakewood, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.B.A. in 1957.
    When Billy Graham appeared on the Phil Donahue Show of October 11, 1979, in discussing Pope John Paul II's visit to the United States of America, Billy Graham said, "I think the American people are looking for a leader, a moral and spiritual leader that believes something. And he (meaning the pope) does.

    Al Roker
    He was raised Catholic (in the faith of his devoutly Catholic mother) and graduated from the prestigious Xavier High School in New York City,

    Fr. Jonathan Morris (born August 22, 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio), is an American Roman Catholic priest and vice-rector of the Legionaries of Christ seminary in Rome, Italy. He is currently a news contributor and analyst for the Fox News Channel.
    From 2002 to 2004, Morris worked as a theological advisor in the making of Mel Gibson's motion picture The Passion of the Christ.

    Tim Russert
    Tim Russert of NBC (Who was trained by Jesuits) was the Master of Ceremonies at The Catholic University of America Twelfth American Cardinals Dinner New York Friday, April 27, 2001. He also was given the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by Br. Liguori of The Congregation of Christian Brother's Iona College.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Political analyst James Carville and Tim Russert Catholic Politicians in the U.S.: Their Faith and Public Policy ~LINK

    Interesting Fact: James Carville who accredited for getting Clinton elected president married someone who was instrumental in getting George HW Bush elected.

    Here is a video clip of Tim Russert giving FBI informer, "Nation of Islam" spokesman, the Jew-hating, White/Black race war advocate and hostile mulatto, Temporal Coadjutor Louis Farrakhan a platform to preach his jew hating propaganda. Video

    Farrakhan With Rev. M. Pfleger
    Who hates the 2nd Amendment

    Farrakhan "I'm to black people what Pope is to white people"

    July 09, 2008

    Minister Louis Farrakhan is currently the leader of a reconstituted Nation of Islam, the original organization having been renamed and eventually dissolved by Warith Deen Muhammad. The Nation of Islam's National Center and headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois and houses its flagship Mosque No. 2, Mosque Maryam in dedication to Mary, mother of Jesus.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Inside of Mosque Maryam (Notice the eight pointed star
    which is associated with black magic)

    Farrakhan was raised within the West Indian community in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts. His mother had emigrated from Saint Kitts and Nevis in the 1920s; his father was a Jamaican cab driver from New York, but was not involved in his upbringing.
    As a child, he received training as a violinist. At the age of six, he was given his first violin and by the age of 13, he had played with the Jesuit Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, Walcott went on to win national competitions, as well as the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour. He was one of the first blacks to appear on the popular show.
    In Boston, Farrakhan attended the prestigious Boston Latin School. The school symbol is Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome! and English High School, graduating from the latter1. He attended college for two years at Winston-Salem State University teachers college, but left to continue a career as an entertainer. In the 1950s, Farrakhan became an up-and-coming calypso singer. He recorded several calypso albums under the name "The Charmer." [1] In 1955, while headlining a show in Chicago entitled "Calypso Follies," he first came in contact with the teachings of the Nation of Islam.

    Farrakhan's Early life

    Check out this ARTICLE Called: “Louis Farrakhan claims he is both a Muslim and a Christian (Catholic)” Quote from article, “A packed house welcomed Minister Louis Farrakhan to St. Sabina Catholic Church on Friday night with a standing ovation and cheers for his health.

    The 74-year-old provocative Nation of Islam leader, who has endured a series of health setbacks, didn't speak from the Quran but from the Bible (The Catholic [Per]Version).

    “Even though I am a Muslim — I don’t apologize for that — I’m also a Christian,” he told the crowd at 1210 W. 78th Pl. “Islam considers the Bible a sacred book.” (Yes, but the Bible considers Islam a Daughter to the Mother of Abominations - Revelations 17:5)

    "Reverend" Jesse Jackson

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Joseph Retinger (Right)

    Description: The key person in the formation of the Club Bilderberg has been Joseph Retinger. The plan of the British intelligence was using Joseph Rettinger, one of the founders of the European Movement in organizing the Club Bilderberg as the real power in the shadows behind the American and European governments.

    As Coleman continues this segment of detailing the Committee of 300 structure, he moves on to Joseph Rettinger, "Perhaps the most important member of the Bilderbergers, a foreign policy body 52 of the Committee (of 300)… Rettinger was a well-trained Jesuit priest and a 33rd Degree Freemason." pp. 51-52 Source

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Jesuit Trained William (Bill) Clinton who is supposed to be Baptist
    (maybe he means to say Papist) receives of the heretical 'holy eucharist'.

    More about Clinton Crimes and Jesuit affiliations and pictures.

    John Forbes Kerry receives his law degree from the Jesuit's Boston College

    Senator Kerry received the "Founder's Medal", the highest award of the Boston College Law School in honor of achievement and service in the legal profession at the 1990 Law School Commencement.

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Jesuit Trained, Liberal democrat, pro-abortion, Skull and Bones member John Forbes Kerry
    receives heretical 'holy eucharist' which only devout practicing Catholics may partake of.

    Catholic Skull and Bonesmen Bush and Kerry attending Catholic Mass on Ash Wednesday.
    (Where a priest makes a mark of a cross in ashes on their foreheads.)

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – As a tribute to his outstanding service as a member of the United States House of Representatives, Georgetown University Law Center Professor Robert F. Drinan, S.J. was presented a Congressional Distinguished Service Award.

    Left to right: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), Prof. Robert Drinan, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.), and Dean T. Alexander Aleinikoff.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. greets Pope Benedict XVI, as President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice look on. (AP Photo / April 16, 2008)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Hugo Chavez
    If you want more info on Hugo Chavez, I Created a whole page for him HERE.
    Alex Jones thinks Hugo Chavez is a hero of some sort and so do many others in the 'Truth Movement' as well. But if you do some research you will find that Chavez is a devout Roman Catholic Socialist who has given himself many dictatorial powers as Hitler did through the Enabling Act.

    The following taken from online blog:
    About two months ago, after hearing all the praise everyone was giving Chavez, including Alex Jones and others alike, I decided to look into this guy a little. I discovered that he called for a New World Order not once, but twice BEFORE everyone started praising him and this has bothered me greatly since I found this out. And today, for the THIRD time he has called for a New World Order so lets see if these big-shot 'truth seekers' will start talking about this now. I have emailed a link to Paul Joseph Watson ( so lets see if this article gets posted and if Alex Jones speaks out about this on his show... which is due to start in two and a half hours. I have also emailed Jack Blood and urged him to talk about this on his show. Chavez is part of the problems we are facing in the world today and it's time for everyone to stop talking about him as if he is some kind of god. My guess is that Chavez is part of the 'bring down America' agenda which we are clearly seeing taking place right now.

    Here's Texe Marrs quoting from Catholic Chavez. Texe Marrs is proving
    himself to be a anti-semetic Jesuit coadjutor as well.

    Extra Links: Evangelists and Rome - Transcripts
    "pat robertson" catholic - Google Search
    Christian Coalition's Catholic front 
    Pat Robertson - General Teachings/Activities
    Challenge to Texe Marrs 
    Benny Hinn - Catholic Mystic
    "benny hinn" catholic - Google Search

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    From the common man, to mainstream political entities, they must all kiss this man's hand! This is an open act of worship the pope is receiving with complete agreement.

    Often the pope won't even raise his hand for the person to kiss it. They literally have to bow before him to kiss his hand dangling at his side as we see Mexico's former President Vincent Fox doing in that photo. It used to be not so many days past that it was the pope foot you must kiss as is shown in this etching...
    Hugo Chavez said: I am a Catholic and a Christian and a very committed Christian and I was talking to the Pope about the struggle against poverty -I call it Christ's cause. Then he was talking about the first time he had met Fidel Castro. Search Alex Jones' web site. Notice that not one word of Hugo Chavez's call for a NWO is mentioned. Why? Alex is supposed to be covering everything pertaining to a NWO.

    Former President of
    Mexico Vincent Fox

    Additional Links Associated With Chavez Calling For a New World Order
    One Two Three

    Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy with Pope John Paul II.
    Under Reagan's presidency official diplomatic ties were reestablished between the Vatican and the U.S. they were broken in 1865 after President Lincoln's assassination and for orchestrating the Civil War!!
    Knight of Malta and Future President Bush Sr was Vice president at the time (under control of the Jesuits). Many say he was really running everything. George H. W. Bush was a ex CIA agent, the former director of the CIA, former director of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) the former ambassador to the United Nations and also the son of Prescott Bush who was a Nazi banker and senator.

    George Bush with Cardinal Egan and former Governor of the State of New York Hugh L. Carey, Cardinal Egan.

    Excerpt from The power of the Archbishop of New York has not diminished but rather grown.

    Today, the man who wields the power of Cardinal Spellman from the Powerhouse in New York - St. Patrick's Cathedral across the street from Rockefeller Center and continues to suppress the truth about the assassination of President Kennedy by virtue of his Oath as a Cardinal, is the arch-conspirator, traitor to his American countrymen and master of the infamous, Jesuit-trained agitator, high-level Freemason and CFR member, former President Bill Clinton, and now master of Skull and Bones member, President George W. Bush, whose father, George H. W. Bush, is also a high-level Freemason, a former Director of both the CFR and CIA, as well as a participant in the Kennedy Assassination

    Donald Rumsfeld meets Pope Paul VI in 1964. Rumsfeld was a young member of the United States House of Representatives for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois at the time.

    Pope Paul VI with the Black Pope at that time, the twenty-eighth Superior General (1965-83) of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

    John F. Kennedy, Cardinal Spellman and Richard Nixon.
    Francis Cardinal Spellman - Jesuit-trained at Fordham University in New York and the American College in Rome; Archbishop of Rome's wealthiest and most powerful Diocese; Military Vicar of the American Empire controlling the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia's Commission; the acting King of the Pope's Fourteenth Amendment Holy Roman American Empire ruling from his Palace in the city of the Empire State along with his Papal Maltese Knights of the Roundtable overseen by the Professed Jesuits Jesuits under Extreme Oath of the Fourth Vow) at Fordham University including now Cardinal Avery Dulles, the nephew of past Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Cardinal's Council on Foreign Relations (1933-1950), past CIA Director until fired by President Kennedy and member of the deceptive Warren Commission.

    The Jesuits notorious uncle was none other than The Gentleman Spy, Rome's prostitute Protestant Presbyterian and Shriner Freemason, Allen Dulles. Spellman therefore controlled the Council on Foreign Relations, the FBI, the CIA, Military Intelligence including the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Secret Service, the Power and Mastermind behind the assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent Cover-up, continued by Cardinals Cooke and O Connor.

    The present Archbishop, Cardinal Egan will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up, as evidenced by his Oath as a Cardinal, his first and foremost loyalty is not to the People of the Constitutional Republic of these United States, but to his master in the Vatican, his supposed King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesuit General Kolvenbachs "infallible" god who sits in St. Peter s Chair, Pope John Paul II! For he holds the Devils Papal Office of the Jew-hating and blasphemous Seventh Roman Caesar who has not yet come and, when indwelt by Satan upon rising from the dead, will be the Eighth Roman Caesar - the beast Revelation 17:10,11.

    33rd degree Freemason Gen. MacArthur and Military Vicar Cardinal Spellman
    Father Edmund A. Walsh, S.J. conferring with 33rd Degree Freemason General Douglas MacArthur in Tokyo, 1948.

    Strongly anti-Communist, it is alleged that Walsh was the man who first suggested to
    Senator McCarthy hat he use this issue in order to gain political prominence.
    Walsh vigorously promoted anti-Communist thought throughout his career.

    Senator Joseph McCarthy who was a Graduate of a Jesuit University must have
    been easy to manipulate at the hands of Jesuit Edmund Walsh who suggested to
    McCarthy that he could make a name for himself by taking an extreme anti-communist
    stance thus coining the term McCarthyism which also ended up with the Senators
    total downfall

    For more on this Read the 4th Chapter of Avro manhattan's "Vietnam, Why did we go?"

    Former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, meeting with Pope Benedict

    Groveling before a MAN. He's no Vicar of Christ either.Here Jeb Bush is being made a 4th degree K of C.

    If Bush is a Christian and says Jesus is his Saviour
    then why is he giving the pope an idol of Mary?

    Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, greets Supreme Knight
    of Columbus (which is the 'right arm of the Catholic church' in American)
    Carl A. Anderson and Ted Koppel, who narrated Washington Speaks.

    President Kennedy sits with Pope John Paul VI

    Former New Jersey Gov. Brendan Byrne with the Pope and future Pope

    Bush, The Catholic Papal Puppet

    Pope John Paul II with the trilateral commission

    Montini [a.k.a "pope" Paul VI] pictured giving a speech on October 4, 1965
    at the United Nations Montini in his address to the United Nations, called
    that godless monstrosity [The UN] "the last, best hope of mankind..."

    The First Black Pope and Jesuit General Ignatius Loyola who was Formerly a military soldier, a witch and a member of the Illumbrados.

    This is the third Jesuit General (Black Pope)
    Francis Borgia who is always depicted with a skull.
    Notice the Crown on the skull....

    Papal Octopus

    Former Black Pope with his predecessor Pedro Arrupe

    This is the Jesuit General (the Black Pope) Peter-Hans Kolvenbach with Pope John Paul II (who worked for I.G. Farben helping make the Zyklon B cyanide gas which killed hundreds and thousands of Jews at Auschwitz)

    Black Pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach with Pope Benedict Formerly
    Cardinal Ratzinger and before that Hitler youth

    More Pictures of the Black Pope (Jesuit General).

    Picture of Ratzinger when he was Hitler youth.
    Couldn't they find someone else to be Pope?

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPeter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ
    (born in Druten, November 30, 1928),
    is the 29th and current Superior General
    of the Society of Jesus,
    the largest religious order
    of the Roman Catholic Church.
    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAt Vatican Council II,
    Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (above right)
    receiving orientation from his mentor,
    progressive theologian Karl Rahner SJ.
    (Society of Jesus)

    In January 1933, the Belgian mathematician and Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre traveled with Albert Einstein to California for a series of seminars.
    After the Belgian detailed his Big Bang theory, Einstein stood up applauded, and said, This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened. Lemaitres theory, the idea that there was a burst of fireworks which marked the beginning of time and space on a day without yesterday, was a radical departure from prevailing scientific understandings, though it has since come to be the most probable explanation for the origin of the universe. (In other words, a Jesuit was behind the embarrassing doctrine of the "Big Bang" theory. -TR )

    And this jesuit (Teilhard de Chardin) was behind the fraudulent
    Peking man and the Piltdown man (Exposed as a deliberate hoax).

    Link 1 of De Chardin Hoax Involvement
    Link 2 of De Chardin Hoax Involvement

    This is a hand sign of the devil worshippers (goat horns).

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