Tuesday, March 15, 2016

David Jarboe, Likely Victim of "sex abuse" (child rape) had same last name as one time First Pastor of Blessed Mother where David killed himself

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"Blessed Mother" church in Owensboro Kentucky is where David Jarboe shot himself in the head, killing himself. This after suffering for years after having been abused by Catholic priests as a youth. When he first reported this to his parents he was committed into a hospital. I reported this three years ago and I wondered how could his parent do that to their own son? Well, it turns out that their family has quite a history in that area and connection to that exact church where David shot himself. Just found out that one of their [probable] relatives was the very first Pastor of that very same church.

Here is my other blog on this issue which explains more about the sad and tragic case of David Jarboe.