Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gary Dale Cearley is a false witness

Recently I was confronted by a man I consider to be a Jesuit Coadjutor (helper) and a Vatican Shill.

His blog is entitled "Thou Shalt not Bare False Witness." Who is this directed to? A dead man named Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest). Seeing this man Gary wasn't getting much of a response from Alberto, he decided to go after someone a little more lively. Me.
Link to Cearley's Blog Challenge

He began confronting me over my comments to a book he wrote refuting Alberto Rivera's info tying the Papacy to Islam. Why would someone who professes to be a baptist (Clinton claimed to be a Baptist also) take it upon himself to TRY and vindicate both the Papacy and Islam all the while attempting to DEBUNK Alberto Rivera?

Right there should have any serious researcher VERY suspicious. When I began reading excerpts of his book I found a lot of these types of wordings. "it was known to be" or "it is well known that..." as if this verifies his info.

Gary Dale Cearley

While reading these types of things i couldn't help to think that this mans book is TRASH. I don't consider Alberto infallible. I am open to anything and if I saw enough evidence to show Alberto is a fraud I would never promote his work and I would completely disassociate myself from him.

But this has not happened. over and over again i see his words verified. Can alberto misspeak? can he get a fact wrong? yes he can. I lived on a US NAVY vessel and knew like the back of my hand it's exact dimensions and the exact manning, etc. if I tried to tell you the exact dimensions today i may get some of it wrong. Does that mean i wasn't on the ship? NO! Does it mean I wasn't in the NAVY? NO!

So, recently i began to look again at this man who is publicly calling me out and here's what i found right away.

I just began looking a little bit into the Gary Cearly who confronted me on his blog in regards to Alberto Rivera's testimony. Just to show you a taste of what this man is all about, he interviews Dr. Walid Mustafa, a Professor of islam at the University of Bethlehem in Israel.

here is the school:


"Bethlehem University of the Holy Land is a Catholic Christian co-educational institution of higher learning founded in 1973..."

As you can see, this man Gary Cearley actually tries to use a professor from a CATHOLIC University to debunk Alberto Rivera!

You can begin reading that and see what this Professor is about and what his sources are. THIS WAS THE FIRST THING I FOUND IN RESEARCHING THIS MAN! what will I find next? I don't know if I need to continue.

Here is the Professor he interviewed.


Additionally, when I began reading this interview I saw that the professor has a slanted version of history. First of all the Jews who left Egypt with Moses didn't study Judaism as this Professor suggests. they followed only the law of Moses. "Judaism" is a much newer religion which I believe started around the time or after the time of Christ. I would have to look at that to get the exact details. ("Judaism" or the religion the Jews practice now is not what any of the Jews practiced of old. "Judaism" is not even found in the Old or New Testaments of the Bible. "Judaism" started after 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans.)

But these are the reasons I said what I said about Cearly. When I started looking at things he was saying way back when I saw that he was washed up.

Not to mention the other links i have included in this thread along with Dr. Veith's incredible lecture entitled "The Islamic connection"

I would say that this Cearley who has challenged me has found himself buried under a mountain of evidence tying Islam to the papacy that he would NEVER be able to dig himself out of.

Thomas Richards

Now let's see if he approves my comment in his blog...

EDIT: Gary Dale Cearley has finally, after almost a year, approved my comment. Additionally he's acting like he didn't wait to post it and doesn't explain why he waited so long.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Faces of Meth and a Foster Parent

Attention, This is a 2016 edit of this page. It has been exposed that "Faces of Meth" is propaganda tailor made for the bogus war on drugs. Also read this (Crack Then. Meth Now.) for your own education. It turns out Meth is actually virtually the same drug as Adderall which is liberally prescribed by doctors all over the world. Please read this article and this article to read the details.

But that doesn't remove the hypocrisy of state agencies and people involved in the story below.

This woman looks as if she lost her soul.. Look at more pics

Look at what a former Meth Lab did to a family's health after they moved into the house. ~Story

Now read this article:

"Lawton foster mother arrested after meth lab found in home with kids"

Michigan authorities removed two children from a licensed Van Buren County foster mother Tuesday evening after finding an active meth lab in the home.

The lab was discovered when the Lawton Police Department, assisted by other agencies, investigated possible methamphetamine production and found evidence in the home’s basement.

That’s when police also discovered that the small children were placed with the 51-year-old foster mother, the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department said in a press release.

They were returned to Child Protective Services for relocation by Berrien County, since that’s where their custody cases originate.

Police plan to file meth manufacturing charges against the woman, whose name has not been publicly released.

-end article-

I wish Foster Homes would be overly scrutinized like parents are..