Colossians 1:28 and the Greek word νουθετέω ("noutheteó" - Strong's G3560)

The ancient fragments of Bible found throughout the world are primarily in Greek. That's because Greek was one of the most important languages in and around Israel before, during and after the time of the Christos (Greek word) Son of God. There was a very important Greek Old Testament collection of books at the time of the Christos too. This Greek old testament is primarily the source of old covenant/testament quotes in the New Testament writings! Yes, Jesus and the apostles and disciples quote old Testament Greek passages into the new covenant writings. Often (when studying the Greek), you will find these quotes exactly the same in both old and new testament writings, even though the ENGLISH translation can be very different. Why? So companies can put a COPYRIGHT on God's word and SELL God's word. 

This is why I study every Greek word in the old and new covenant writings and see where these words appear in both testament/covenant writings. This is called "syntax" and is very important in learning the meaning of these words [OF GOD].

One Greek word I want to share today is νουθετέω ("noutheteó" - Strong's G3560) and is often translated into the English word "admonish". But what does "admonish" mean? The answer to this question is very important. So we see it is beneficial for us to study Greek words AND their English counterparts! Doing this while staying in prayer to God is essential for growth in SOUND doctrine!

This word, νουθετέω ("noutheteó" - Strong's G3560), has a wonderful definition on biblehub . com. It reads,

3560 /nouthetéō ("admonish through instruction") especially appeals to the mind, supplying doctrinal and spiritual substance (content). This "exerts positive pressure" on someone's logic (reasoning), i.e. urging them to choose (turn to) God's best.

As we can see, when we understand these words, we can properly "admonish" OURSELVES and our neighbors, and therefore, LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS AS OURSELVES. We all need this admonishment from God's wonderful Word and Spirit. It is the Spirit that deals with the consciences of men! And this work is accomplished when we are born again, seeking God with all the heart and admonishing ourselves through careful STUDY of God's Words!

This Greek word νουθετέω ("noutheteó" - Strong's G3560), is a verb and appears 8 times in the New Covenant writings and 11 times in the Old Covenant writings. The passage I want to share today is in Colossians 1:28: Paul, by the holy Spirit says, "We proclaim Him (Christ), admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ."

You can all see how powerful this statement is and how important it is to understand what is being said so "we may present everyone perfect in Christ"!!

To prevent this message from becoming too lengthy, I will stop there.

May God the Father bless everyone's day in the Name/Reputation of the Christos Son Jesus. Amen!

Tommy Richards​


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