Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holy Water

"Holy Water" used to be vended through coin operated machines..

"The simple person-machine exchange of goods has been functioning fine for millennia, it turns out, since the very first vending machine was invented in 215 B.C. by the mathematician Hero of Alexandria, who came up with a coin-operated gadget to dispense holy water. The first vending machine hit the United States in the late 19th century; it sold Tutti-Frutti gum on New York mass transit." source:

(Now the CC just put the "donate" box right near the holy water instead of flat out charging for it. -Thomas)

Krug, Bryon: Vending Business-in-a-Box, BooksOnStuff, 2003.

^ Old World, High Tech: World's First Vending Machine (scroll down to see the item)

^ "History of the Vending Machine" page of

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