Monday, February 21, 2011

Die Antwoord's Multi-Layered Psychological Operation

A review by Thomas Richards of SpirituallySmart.Com

I hate to even have to do this review but if I can warn at least one family of this immoral attack on humanity then I feel my job is done. "Die Antwoord" ... Parents, if you hear that name, Beware! Here's why...

Die Antwoord is a Rap/Rave group from South Africa who's popularity has suddenly exploded world-wide. Although in interviews they make it seem like an innocent switch in personal thoughts and ideas allowed them to break through (to the other side) I kept getting this nagging feeling that there is more behind their sudden succe$$

In just doing a few quick navigations on the "inter-webz" (As the lead singer calls it), I clearly saw a profound and well organized attack on African Culture and then the bigger far reaching attack on morality world wide. Although the lead singer, "Ninja" aka Watkin Tudor Jones was born in 1974 which makes him 36 or 37 years old, his group appeals to much younger people. Most of you probably already know the Rave scene and the youngsters that scene attracts. I myself am a veteran of the rave scene from way back in the early to mid nineties. This is something many people don't really know about me. And I know the rave scene is flooded with very heavy drugs mixed with many forms of Techno Music and often mixed with Hip Hop and Rap. I remember there was a kid who was so young he brought his teddy bear with him to the Rave events and was infamous for doing this. The Rave was also known to facilitate very young people starting in their early teens.

So what am I getting at? It appears that Die Antwoord somehow figured out how to add certain signatures to their show to appeal to a wider age range of fans. Including dressing like Pokemon and other animals which creates a disturbing sort of "pied piper" aspect to their persona. Matter of fact, one of the main aspects of "Die Antwoord", which interestingly enough is an anagram for "Ordained Two", "Yolandi Vi$$er" (Visser) has pictures of herself with rats all the time even making their message of being Pied Pipers even less subtle to the trained eye. Do I look too deeply? Perhaps. But if they are indeed ignorant to what they do, I am fascinated with the acuteness they perform their ignorance.

Yolandi Vi$$er and her Rats
Let me start with the comparison I made of Die Antwoord and the story of the Pied Piper and then I'll get into the rest. I don't know how many of you remember the story but I just remembered one aspect of it and that was that a man rid a town of rats with music he performed on a  flute. But I had totally forgotten the dark twist to the story regarding children (which Die Antwoord are trying to attract).

Here's a quick summary of the pied Piper:

"In 1284, while the town of Hamelin was suffering from a rat infestation, a man dressed in pied clothing appeared, claiming to be a rat-catcher. He promised the townsmen a solution for their problem with the rats. The townsmen in turn promised to pay him for the removal of the rats. The man accepted, and played a musical pipe to lure the rats with a song into the Weser River, where all of them drowned. Despite his success, the people reneged on their promise and refused to pay the rat-catcher the full amount of money. The man left the town angrily, but vowed to return some time later, seeking revenge. On Saint John and Paul's day while the inhabitants were in church, he played his pipe yet again, dressed in green, like a hunter, this time attracting the children of Hamelin. One hundred and thirty boys and girls followed him out of the town, where they were lured into a cave and never seen again."

Now keeping this Pied Piper parallel in mind let's get into more of this message Die Antwoord is spreading to the youth of the world...

In the above interview link, "Ninja" was talking about a video Die Antwoord did called "Evil Boy", which is an absolute vile attack on the viewer's mind (no matter how old you are) and he is claiming he is trying to expose a very horrible sounding South African cultural ritual of male circumcision or as he puts it,

"Ninja: It's quite an in-depth thing. It's (The Evil Boy Video) basically about tribal circumcision. It's part of a tradition that's in the black Xhosa tribe in South Africa. When you turn 19 you have to go into the bush for like one week with a blanket and your underpants-- no shoes-- and get your penis chopped up with a kitchen knife. No disinfectants; no pain killers. You get the ash from the fire and you rub it onto the penis and you rub it around your face."

Sounds like Ninja has a legitimate motive for creating his video right? All fine and dandy I guess. Except when it comes to his exposing children and young teenagers to his disgusting video. Which is filled with huge erect black penises. So what's worse? The almost unheard of cultural ritual in South Africa or the video he does "exposing" it? I say it's the latter.

This is where it gets more interesting, Ninja then states in the interview that someone from the tremendously successful movie, "District 9... this lady Marcia [Vermaak]" Did the penis sculptures for the video. Anyone can do a quick search on "District 9" and see that movie was boycotted by Nigerians for some seemingly good reasons. If you look at the District 9 wikipedia page you can read:

"Many Nigerians, both in the country and overseas, were deeply offended by the film." ... "Nigeria's Information Minister Dora Akunyili asked movie theatres around the country to either ban the film or edit out specific references to the country, because of the film's negative depiction of the Nigerian characters as criminals and cannibals. Letters of complaint were sent to the producer and distributor of the film demanding an apology. She also said the gang leader Obesandjo is almost identical in spelling and pronunciation to the surname of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. The film was later banned in Nigeria; the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board was asked to prevent cinemas from showing the film and also to confiscate it.

Many Nigerians also accused District 9 of being xenophobic (phobia of foreigners). Online petitions and Facebook groups called "District 9 Hates Nigerians" were started. Hakeem Kae-Kazim, a British born Nigerian actor also criticized the portrayal of Nigerians in the film, telling the Beeld newspaper Africa is a beautiful place and the problems it does have can not be shown by such a small group of people."

So it's very interesting how Die Antwoord somehow got hooked up with an entity that also insulted Africans, more specifically, Nigerians, with the making of the penis video props on the Evil Boy video. What's the connection to Die Antwoord? Anything? Maybe Die Antwoord has more serious and hidden political and cultural connotations to its cause whether knowingly doing so or by being ignorantly manipulated.

Maybe these two issues I have pointed out (1. Pied Piper parellel 2. Dual Layered attack on SA Culture coupled with moral attack on world) can be explained away, by "the lazy mind.. the programmed mind.." but now let's add the following facts into the mix DJ....

Interestingly enough, according to another video I saw online "Ninja" aka Watkin Tudor Jones, knows about mind control. See Here @ 00:40 "Ninja" refers to "the lazy mind" he then says again "The lazy mind... the PROGRAMMED mind..." The mind is where the real battle is. So who was he programmed by and for what purpose? My guess is there are many layers. On one layer he attacks a culture, on another layer he's degrading youth with his imagery in the Evil Boy video.

And here's more...

Yolandi Points out her disgusting chant publicly on Facebook
In another video, the Female aspect of the band, "Yolandi Vi$$er" begins chanting, "if you're old enough to bleed, you're old enough to breed" -- watch video @ 1:10 she begins the chant. So much for thinking this "Rap" Group's agenda is innocent... I believe we can see there is more to Die Antwoord than meets the eye, and perhaps, the mind.

So what's the bottom line? Beware and be educated. Watch your children and be an example to them. And teach them in the right way. Guard against these negative influences which publicly and unashamedly promote filth and drugs which further cause children's minds to be blind to these attacks against their souls. I would say that just this little bit of info I put together here on this "inter webz" that there is something more to this group called Die Antwoord.

Extra: Here is Yolandi Visser appearing under "celebraties" in LIFE magazine (founded by Pro Fascist, Roman Catholic Knight of Malta, Henry Luce)

And here is some more imagery to consider:

Click Thumnails to view full size:


SOS Album Cover

Drinks and Drugs

Split Personalities


Pied Piper


anietje said...

Verry inressting.
They just apeared here on the music channel out of nowere.
And the Whole day it would come like every hour.
Even between the breaks commercial.

herselffilm said...

That's one interpretation. But artistic expression is a very fickle thing. It's not to contained or censored. It's always been like that. I think it's pretty obvious their music isn't appropriate for young children, but eventually those children will grow up and there will be another "Die Antwoord." I think the only thing this band is guilty of is overcompensation. Overcompensating for being put down all their lives for being weirdos. That speaks volumes to children, teens, and even twenty-somethings.

kris said...

Hi guys. Die antwoord is very catchy, very hip- and very satanic. I have one of their (unopend) vinyl albums here, signed by "Zef" Records (their own or ?) their icon is a stylized goat, on the front cover is the cute, sexy and very hip Yo-lan-di with zombie type make up on-wearing angel wings! portrayed eating a bleeding human heart. The imagery is so disturbing, it even creeped out one of my non-believer friends. How Satan lures in people- and NOT just children- is through SEX appeal. Just as he did with Eve- promising her knowledge of discovering the animal urge- satan uses it with us today as he ALWAYS has: sex- which one very elusive pull not many realize is the pull of "hipness" and novelty. It is totally related. Notice how trendy in style non-believers find outdated clothing, speech, and mannerisms "uncool"? That translates to "unsexy"? What is "hip" is also what is satanic. One needn't LOOK for satanic imagery in Die Antwoord's work, it's blatant. The real threat is the subtle, the underlying appeal- and that is the COOL ness of it all. Once they become "uncool" they lose their appeal.

Thomas said...

Hi kris, thanks for the comment. much appreciated!

Tessa Lombard said...

It is difficult for south african bands/groups to make it abroad. How many south african bands have made the top charts? I am from south africa and can only think of three. These people have to do what they can to get noticed and the only way to do that is to be different and shock the world.

Unknown said...

after reading all your evidence, seeing your critical thinking skills, and the comments here.. I'd just like to say thank you for reminding me why I stopped identifying as Christian some time ago. The word Christian means Christ-like, and if you guys are like Christ.. yeah..

Thomas said...

Unknown, That's fine. You're welcome to your opinion. But I highly doubt you were ever a truly a christian. You just called yourself one because you were raised that way. Correct? You said being a Christian means that we are "Christ-like". Well, Christ was merciful but He also exposed wickedness and rebuked and yelled at people. So I guess He would have offended you too. Which will wind up being your very serious problem eventually.

landlooper said...

Thanks, very interesting indeed.
Regarding the 'Pied Piper' have a look at the BBC Broadcastinghouse in London and who the architect was:

Satan said...

Then wat kyk jy yo fokken poes. Fok julle naaiers.

Dave Fischer said...

Amazingly in depth nonsense. Let me correct something in your Original Post. First, the line is "I'm old enough to bleed, I'm old enough to breed, I'm old enough to crack a brick in your teeth while you sleep" Clearly she is referring to the Sexual abuse of young girls and giving a warning to those who commit such acts, she may be old enough to bleed and breed, but shes also old enough to get revenge for what they do to girls. You leave that last line out and its a totally different statement. Any one who is interested in finding out what Ninja and Yolandi are about, look into MaxNormal or Constructus Corporation, Watkin Tudor Jones and you will see the brilliance of these artists and only make you more interested in them. I believe one of Ninja's tattoos gives you an idea of his personality. It says "May my enemies live long so they can see me progress" Doesn't sound too satanic or whatever other lunatic conspiracy you blamed them for. Try re

Thomas said...

Dave Fischer says "Amazingly in depth nonsense.." And then goes on to semi-debunk ONE point out 10 in my review. I say "semi-debunk" because I'm not sure when Yolandi added the second part of her chant you are quoting ("I'm old enough to crack a brick in your teeth while you sleep"). She certainly wasn't saying that anywhere I saw at the time I wrote this review. Unless you can provide an example of her saying that dated before I wrote this I will just think she may have subsequently added it as a kind of damage control due to the obvious disgust many were expressing toward her filthy mouth. And I'm not even going to comment on your personal opinion (drivel) in regards to a tattoo Watkins has. And that was all you had. Basically nothing.

James Thomas said...

Saw 2 of their music videos the other night...and I immediately felt like the imagery and catchy hooks were being drilled into my head. Sadly, this one line hasn't left my thoughts and it sickens me. "O jirre God se Jesus" which translates to "O hell God Jesus".
It doesn't offend me as a Christian, it offends me as a human being. It's just sad because as terrible as this duo is, I can tell they are bound for some success. At least 15 min worth.

denis avdic said...

I knew they where satanic from the begining and i wont alow eny artist or person to fool me or my mind or my soul.i am Always searching fore the truth.its important to not let enything like this fool you with som bs answers like fore example lady gaga and die antword it's al strategic.

denis avdic said...

They want yourmind soul and Body!!dont let this strategic satanists fool you with there stupid as answers they are al the same lady gaga die antwoord Jay z Beyoncé al of them have simuler answers abaout this subject.

Mamma Peace said...

I need help! I love God and I am 8 weeks pregnant with a man that listens to this demonic band. I know I made a mistake by dating and having sex with someone like him but now I don't know what to do. I think abortion is wrong but am considering having one b/c I don't want someone like him to father my child. What should I do???

jamie m said...

I believe you have missed the point do a bit more research than the obvious in front of you. Who is really trying to brainwash people? Make your own opinions don't believe a completely biased piece go view things for yourself. I see some of their deeper work as holding a mirror up to society but my opinion in invalid, make your own opinion. I imagine this may not get through approval from the author anyway.

hegelbot said...

I am a fan of Die Antwoord, and having noticed their use of imagery that could be construed as Satanic I went looking for actual evidence that they were actual Satanists (philosophically). But have not found any real evidence yet, this review was not helpful. Before you accuse people of being satanists you should 1) know what satanist ideas are, and 2) identify those themes or ideas in the artists works. All you have done is identify items which mainstream Christians find unpleasant, and completely missed the point of their music.

Thomas said...

hegelbot, where did I accuse them of being satanists? I accused them of using satanic imagery. I didn't accuse them of being actual satanists. Before you accuse people of accusing people of being satanists you should 1) Accuse people who are actually accusing people of being a satanist. 2) Read a beginners book on arguing properly.

Thank you