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The Vatican Wages tremendous Immoral Attack on humanity

That should be the name of my blog. Just look at these few stories and look at the picture that is being painted in my mind. Let me see if I can describe to you what I see. These are all recent stories which have broke within the last month.

Now let's sort these stories out a bit. In article "2." we read, "A team of five investigators -- including a psychologist, social worker, attorney, and members of several law enforcement agencies -- interviewed both the accuser and the priest and found no wrongdoing, Muench said."

But in Article "4" we read, "Victims who muster the courage to report their torment then must endure an investigatory process biased against them." and, "On July 24, 2008," the grand jury wrote, an archdiocesan staffer told 36-year-old victim "Ben" that the Review Board "could not substantiate his allegation. Less than a year later, Ben committed suicide."

So was the "team of five investigators" mentioned in article "2." similar or even the same as "the review board" mentioned in article "4."? The same review board which lead to someone's suicide?

Speaking of suicide, this leads me to another suicide that just occurred in Kentucky which ties into article "3." The case of David Jarboe who had just written a note on his facebook account saying he was molested by priests. Right after he wrote the note he then went and killed himself in the parking lot of the catholic church where his family attended and where his funeral was held. And even though he was a well liked young man, had a good job, pretty girlfriend, was a former college football player and sports enthusiast. Sounds normal right? But what did the archdiocese say about him to the newspaper? Answer: "The "poor bedeviled young man, for him to mention (Father Baer) in the same context with whatever may have happened to him is so unfortunate and so unfair,"

So this leads me finally to article "1." And it wasn't so much the fact that of what the article says, but what is said in the comment area. "The Vatican should remove Cardinal Bernard Francis Law, Archpriest of the Papal Liberian Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, from his prestigious position. This man facilitated the shuffling of pedophiles from parish to parish and then committed perjury by staing that he knew knothing of the problem.He should have been indicted, prosecuted, and if convicted, put in jail. Cardinal Law became the first individual shown to have actively participated in the cover-up of child molestation; for this distinction, he was rewarded with his present day position." (sic)

I myself am a former Catholic who was proud to have "RC" stamped on my dog tags when I was in the military during the Persian Gulf War. Not knowing that solidified my part of the papal crusade I was part of. This I did in ignorance not yet knowing what I was part of. That was from 1990-94. In 1997 I left the church for good when I read the bible for the first time in my life and I saw that the bible and the Catholic Church were worlds apart. And that was even before I knew of any child molestation cases.

What we see above in the articles I have referenced is a struggle of  those abused against the immoral attack waged upon us by powerful Roman Catholic entities who make sure they mingle with all the heads of many government agencies. Holding award ceremonies, dinners where government and state officials are awarded all kinds of plaques, knighthoods and other honors for standing by the Catholic Church. This mix of Roman Catholicism and politics has to stop now. This is why it was illegal for Roman Catholics to hold government office in America in the earlier years. It wasn't religious persecution against Catholics. But righteous prosecution against corruption. Again, I was raised going to Catholic Church. I went myself to the church at age 8 out of a desire to be closer to God and I was baptized for the first time at 8 years old. I was then confirmed after I attended catechism classes with all my catholic buddies. I clutched rosary beads while praying to God while in the military asking Him to reveal His Son to me in a dream. Which dream I had on the third night of praying that prayer. Although it had nothing to do with rosary beads or the Catholic Church. We need to understand that God is attainable to us directly and freely and not through any rites or ceremonies in the catholic Church. This I have experienced first hand. If we could understand this as human beings we will see that the Catholic Church is actually useless in our relationship with God. Not only is it absolutely useless but as we see by just the four articles I listed above, the "Church" can cripple us spiritually, psychologically and do harm even to physical death of some.

Please, break away from the lie that we need to be in "good grace" with the "church" to be in good grace with God. All we need to be in good grace with God is His Son Christ Jesus who is free to us and isn't confined to any building. Jesus set me free in 1997, since then my eyes have been opened to what the Roman Catholic Church really is. The assault on family and children is the tip of the iceberg. Wars have been waged in her name, genocides and much much more. They have their people on every side of  every position to steer all things to their favor in society. I am saying this after years of careful study.

 But please know, Jesus is there, waiting for you to come to Him. His hands are outstretched. He promises to give us power and peace and comfort. This is real and the offer is to you now, today. No matter who you are and what you have done, the blood of Jesus can cleanse away the sin that is weighing you down. And He can give you real power to go and sin no more. Guilt on your soul may be the thing that stops you from reporting pedophile priests. This is a false guilt. The true guilt you may feel isn't from the priest but from other sins you may have committed in your life. Your separation from God and your guilt is real if you haven't truly come to Christ directly and repenting of your sins.

When I went to the Catholic Priest after I was seeing all these things in the bible and I was questioning him he lied and told me, "well, the Romans wrote the bible". But It wasn't the Romans who wrote the bible. It was the Jews. The priest then began to try and get me to confess to him. His face became red and inflamed with lust as he asked me if I committed the sin of "masturbation". I could tell he was totally corrupt. And I'm sure a huge part of it is the fact that these single men who have no wives are listening to all kinds of secret sins. From pedophilia to homosexuality to whatever they are exposed to in confessionals. This is just another sign that the catholic church is all wrong. Mankind wasn't meant to be confessed to. Especially confession to Roman Catholic "priests". Confession is meant to be to God only.

"If we confess our sins, he (Jesus) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

The Bible does say to "Confess your FAULTS one to another..." (James 5:16 KJV) "Another" in that verse is plural and so it's not supposed to be one person who receives all the confessions. And of course James is talking to people who are saved, born again, who have been cleansed of sin and given the real power of God that comes directly from God and not through any church hierarchy. And those types of people aren't going to be committing any of the filthy types of sins unregenerated sinners commit and confess to the Priests in Roman Catholicism.

Even the Geneva Bible which predates the King James Version also rightly states, "Acknowledge your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. For the prayer of a righteous man availeth much, if it be fervent."

Before I went to see that priest I was sharing what I was learning in the Bible with the secretary and the conflictions it has to the catholic church and in our conversation she confided in me that it is better not to know too much sometimes. As I left the priest that final time there was a man coming in who looked foreign and he was dressed in a purple and black robe, he looked like a real life Dracula. I have never even seen any figure like that in regards to the Catholic church since that time or before. I have no idea who that was. Maybe the priest secretly called for him while I was in the Priests office. Back then I didn't think much of it although it seemed odd I don't know but I don't think it was a coincidence. This was maybe the third time I had come visiting this Priest in Long Beach NY and trying to discuss the doctrinal discrepancies I saw in the church when reading the Bible.

Many people may just cast my story aside for whatever reason. Perhaps calling me a traitor to Roman Catholicism. But I truly and sincerely care for Roman catholics. You are the people I grew up with my whole life. All I know is that God has used people's stories here and there to help me. Maybe he can somehow use mine to help you.

But please, whoever you are, don't give up. If you've been abused or sexually assaulted by priests or anyone, Contact your local Police Dept. If they don't help you contact the DA's office in your area. Or you can contact groups like SNAP  You can also contact me here if you wish to share any concerns with me directly.

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