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Some Jim Jones - Jesuit Connections

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Fr. John P. Mossi, S.J.


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Jim Jones and Jesuit trained Jerry Brown when Brown was governor. Jerry Brown actually trained to be a Jesuit Priest. Jerry brown is the current Attorney General of California (11/18/2008).

"That occasionally all-too-real cliche is the opposite of Jerry Brown. A Jesuit intellectual as a youth, a person still filled with strong moral conviction, in reality he's straightforward, honest, sensible, down-to-earth." ~Source

More Jerry Brown Info

"Jones had sent some staff members to his commune site, and he visited and tried to publicize himself by giving a sermon in Guyana's capital city, Georgetown. Members of Jones' staff looked for a place for Jones to preach, and in town was a Catholic Church. Jones' staff was aware of the enthusiastic ecumenism of Father Andrew Morrison (SJ), and they asked Morrison if they could use his Sacred Heart Church to give a service, without being candid about the nature of Jones' preaching. Father Morrison and his perish council agreed. Jones' appearance at the church was well advertised. Father Morrison was present at the service and was appalled. In the days that followed, Morrison apologized publicly for what he called a blatant hoax and fraud having taken place in his church. Some people in Georgetown saw Jones as having imported cheap tricks, and Jones was disappointed that techniques that worked in Indiana and California had not worked in Georgetown, Guyana. And Jones wondered whether he was losing his touch."


Georgetown Guyana was named after King George III of the Holy Roman Empire


Tribute to Andrew Morrison

The Government Information Agency (GINA) joins in paying tribute to a fearless fighter for press freedom, Father Andrew Morrison, S.J.

Father Morrison’s contribution to the struggle for press freedom brings to memory another great patriot Father Bernard Darke, who was murdered by armed agents of the then PNC regime, whilst carrying out journalistic duties in a period when press freedom was non-existent.


"He was to grow immensely tall and successively to study accountancy, become a Jesuit and be approached by MI6 to train as a saboteur; he would edit a newspaper, be hailed continent-wide as a champion of press freedom," Read more:


Jesuits in Guyana
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