Thursday, February 22, 2018

The "Name of God" ....

I think sometimes people get too caught up with the "name of God" topic. Jesus simply referred to Him as "Father" and told us to do the same (Matthew 6:9). Jesus, His name is the Greek translation of Joshua (or Yahoshua. Yeshua, Yohoshua). And He is the "Anointed" or "Christos" (in Greek). In Hebrew it's Mashiach or Messiah. And Jesus is Lord or Master (of all things). Simple!
On Pentecost when the disciples first received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the power from on high and the promise of the Father (all are synonymous), representatives of all the surrounding nations were present and "heard these people speaking IN OUR OWN LANGUAGES about the wonderful things God has done!" Acts 2:11
Right there, GOD ordained the TRANSLATION of His Word into ALL languages (caps for emphasis only). This translation also includes the names and titles of God and our Lord Yeshua!
Languages change over time. Meanings of words change over time. So it is important for us to study the original words underneath the translations (by studying CONTEXT) so we can get a better and clearer picture of what God is saying to us through His written Word. Over the past 200+ years there have been incredible works provided for us to do just that. Strong's concordance is one of those works. However, there are Lexicons that also show HOW each and every Greek and Hebrew word was used in context throughout ALL ancient writings. Scripture and secular. Some Greek words are only used once in the entire Word of God. The ancient philosophers and poets (professional writers) give us more of an insight of what that word meant in the context they used it. Fascinating field of study. Nothing is more fascinating in my opinion than the study of God's Word.
My point is, EVERYONE can verify a translation by studying the Greek and Hebrew text underneath the English translation. For 20 or so years I didn't understand how to do this and was intimidated to look at other versions of the Bible beside the King James Version. (If you already know what I am saying, you are blessed. Do not take this knowledge for granted! ) Finally, about 15 months ago I experienced a break-through in my walk with God. And that was the ability to study the Greek so I can verify ALL the English translations MYSELF! And now I am studying the Septuagint as well and it is wonderful. I know a lot of professing believers attack the validity of the Septuagint and I find that very unfortunate. Please study the Septuagint for yourself. You will see exact phrases taken from the Septuagint and spoken by Jesus the Christ and His servants throughout the whole New Covenant. Verbatim quotes from the Old Covenant Greek in the New Covenant Greek. This has increased my faith and edified me greatly. The Greek Orthodox church still uses the Septuagint. The western church broke off from doing so for perhaps insidious reasons. But Charles Thomson, who was a friend of George Washington and member of the continental congress even translated the Septuagint into English in the early 1800s and was a popular translation! You can read it online. I personally love the Apostolic Bible (Septuagint) translated by Charles Van der Pool. He is the very first one to provide Strong's numbers with the Old Covenant Greek Septuagint. A truly epic work! That is online as well, but I recommend you buy a physical copy from his website. And my other favorite online Bible tools I use all the time are,,,, and These tools are invaluable. And I would even venture to say that God allowed the internet to exist so we could study His word using these tools!
Let me cut this short here and just praise our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ and His Father for giving us His word and allowing us to deeply study it in Greek which may be the most incredible language ever! Amen. And may God the Father bless you all in Yeshua the Anointed One!

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