Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Billy Graham, The opposite of Christ.

#BillyGraham Billy Graham, The founder of Christianity Today Magazine:

"During April 1989, a secret, thirteen page letter written on April 15, 1969 by White House Chaplain Billy Graham to U.S. President Richard Nixon was released to the public by National Archives and Records Administration in which Graham had encouraged Nixon to utilize a military campaign to bomb dikes across North Vietnam should the Paris Peace Talks fail to reach a negotiated settlement of the U.S. war in Southeast Asia. Graham developed his dike bombing strategy during an earlier business meeting in Bangkok with his evangelists assigned to Southern Vietnam. Graham would later advocate to Nixon that this proposed escalation of the war in Southeast Asia as plan that "could overnight destroy the economy of North Vietnam" by employing "tens of thousands of North Vietnamese defectors to bomb and invade the North."

Estimates from the Nixon administration concluded that such a military aerial bombing campaign against dikes in North Vietnam would have killed an estimated one million North Vietnamese."

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