Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Christianity Today and it's Counter Reformation Agenda

Aug 23, 2016

Researching and scouring info about Christianity Today which was founded by Billy Graham. This terrible unchristian magazine also carried the story (slander) by Gary Metz about Alberto Rivera.

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Christianity Today taking a dig at deceased Keith Green:

keith green negative connotation christianity today
Look at this slur against Keith Green after he died. This is "Christianity Today Magazine" Founded by the Papal Puppet Billy Graham. This same magazine carried at least one story by the spook Gary Metz who slandered Alberto Rivera. Its starting to look like Christianity Today has a serious Counter-Reformation agenda.

John Michael Talbot slur against Keith Green

No John Michael Talbot, Keith Green was absolutely right about you and your cult. And he did what he did PERFECTLY. You are just a nutty Catholic cultist. And Keith Green was a much better musician than you as well...

Keith Green's devastating exposé on Rome: Catholic Chronicles tract.

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