Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wikipedia Censorship and Hypocrisy (plus more..)

Aug 23, 2016

New Banner for my Vatican-Nazi page. It took me 18 hours straight of tedius work to make but it's a very important graphic that needs to be shared. Please link my site to it if you share it.

In the Germany - 1933 Wikipedia page someone removed (or completely omitted) the entry for July 20 which is when the concordat between Nazi Germany and the Holy See was signed (and ratified Sept 10). I opened a wikipedia account and added it back. We'll see if it stays. Wikipedia also cropped two people out of the official picture of the signing of the Reichskonkordat. Here is the image (I added the two missing on the right of the image in the red circle).

wiki censorship
I also updated my Alberto Rivera page.

I am a former Catholic. That makes me an eligible neutral opinion on matters regarding the Catholic "church". Yet my wikipedia edits are suppressed while a Knight of Columbus' edits are allowed. For 8 years now wikipedia has censored Alberto Rivera's Spanish/Jesuit ID. Why. Because some Catholics decided he wasn't really a Jesuit? Because Gary Metz (a relative unknown who is most likely a low level CIA agent), wrote an article with NOT ONE document to prove Alberto was never a Jesuit? Now they have changed Alberto's wikipage to "Alberto Rivera (Activist)" and start the article calling him an "Anti-Catholic activist". Meanwhile there are old images available of him wearing priest clothes. These images are of Alberto BEFORE he claimed to be a born again Christian and former Jesuit priest. These images should not be suppressed. Meanwhile there isn't ONE document proving Raymond McGovern was ever really a CIA analysist but his wikipedia remains intact with all this undocumented claims (until today when I made an edit myself).

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