Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eric Phelps Attacked

Dear Eric,
just remember, Bush has surrounded himself with roman catholic thinkers. read this again:
then remember that 5 of 9 supreme court justices are catholic and/or jesuit trained. Alito is K of C
then we have the house speaker here:
then congress have more catholics in the house by far than any other religious denomination or affiliation
then you have to stand your ground and insist that Murdoch is Roman Catholic. his mother name of "greene" is of English/Irish origin. he is Catholic. period! and the president of the board of directors is José María Aznar and he is a Jesuit trained Roman Catholic Fascist trained in the special part of Georgetown called the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. He is also the former Prime Minister of Spain
Murdoch is Catholic, he donated 10 million to a catholic church in LA, his daughter was married in a roman catholic church which Murdoch attended. AND he is a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.
Also dont forget about Riggs bank. The biggest most powerful bank of old which was created by Jesuit trained at Georgetown   William Wilson Corcoran and  George Washington Riggs who's son was the First catholic chaplin at Yale and opened up the "Thomas More Chapel" there! Riggs was called the American equivalent of the bank of England and used loans from the Vatican Rothschilds banker to get started. They then put JP Morgans family into banking. Jesuits ran Riggs bank. Period!!
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Dear Brother Thomas,
I understand, but I now obligated to address these coadjutors.  Hopefully this attention will be used by the Lord to further expose the Order and discredit the Jew-bashers.
Sincerely in faith,
Brother Eric
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Brother Eric, Do what you like, But I wouldn't even waste my time while degrading myself by even giving these foul-mouthed false accusing, Jesuit propagandists ANY attention.
You are way beyond these people and no-one is taking these allegations against you seriously except the same people who are blinded by the lies fed them by their roman Catholic families who raised them this way.
here's how i answer these swine:


j.sol said...

i just listened to that interview with alex jones and texe marrs... man it was ridiculous. i don't know how people still listen to him, he's got zero credibility and you could definitely tell he was deliberately lying about eric.

it's interesting that "v for vatican" aka "v for vendetta" is on right now as i'm typing this, haha. alex jones is this day's guy fawkes roman catholic co-agitator.

Thomas said...

here's good video someone put togetherabout it.

j.sol said...

thanks thomas, that video sums it up well.

i've been reading matthew 24 a lot lately, haha.