Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Great Video by youtube user random331

Texe Marrs and Alex Jones gang up on Eric Jon Phelps without ever mentioning his name. Marrs makes a ridiculous attempt to portray Phelps as a wealthy Israeli diamond merchant (simply because his wife runs an online jewellery store!).

This recent radio show segment is a desperate attempt at character assassination of Phelps due to his efforts (and many others) in exposing Alex Jones & others in the "truth movement" as nothing more than shills for Rome.

The shadowy "illuminati" was in fact founded by a Catholic Jesuit, a professor of Cannon Law, who was working for the Pope - Adam Weishaupt.

If you want to know who is behind the "coming holocaust" you only have to look and see who has been behind all the prior holocausts: THE VATICAN.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Eric Jon Phelps never said a "black magic ritual" causes nuclear bombs - that is an outright lie.

This lie is an intentional misrepresentation of one of the proposed scenarios described in Phelps' book to explain why at Hiroshima five Jesuits were able to emerge from ground zero completely unscathed. They attributed their survival to "a miracle of the Virgin Mary" - but a more likely scenario is that they placed ground detonations that were timed to coincide with an aerial flash bomb. According to Phelps one of those Jesuits was Pedro Arrupe himself, who later became the Jesuit General. This is an interesting scenario that may or may not be true - however it has NOTHING to do with "black magic rituals" causing nuclear bombs. And of course Phelps never said the earth hangs "on a string" either - he merely holds a geocentric perspective of planetary motion (as described in Psalm 19). Jones & Marrs (who spent their broadcast alleging that buildings cast illuminati black-magic spells over neighborhoods) had to resort to such falsehoods only serves to confirm the suspicions many already had against them as disinformation agents serving Rome's interests.

Part 1 Texe Marrs on the Alex Jones Show:

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"Smokescreens" by Jack Chick:

Texe Marrs' ludicrous exposition of Esther:

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Anonymous said...

Can you be for Jesus Christ and yet still be against Christians?

Thomas said...

Are you insinuating that Texe Marrs and Alex Jones are Christians? You should just say what you have to say instead of trying to be slick and ask a trick question like that.

Marrs says the book of Esther was a Jewish conspiracy. He's a devil. Period. And Jones is just as bad. Instilling fear of the devil in the hearts of everyone who listens to him.

Jones, Marrs are Psyops. Especially Jones.

Anonymous said...

Eric is getting what he deserves to a certain extent. Please don't go all for him since he is a bigot and his biblical views are heretic. We must also remember that he said his book VA was edited by a Jesuit so we must face the possibility that he is giving us 99% truth and the other 1% being a lie designed to draw us into racism and/or Calvinism. Please don't mistake what i'm saying here. I know who Alex ad Texe are and I know what they are doing. At the same time, Eric's BS has jeopardized this entire movement that exposes the Vatican/Jesuits/ Catholic Church for what it is so please let him deal with his won personal attacks on his own. Until they refute any of the information he has brought on Vatican/Jesuits/ Catholic Church then it's not our problem to waste time defending his character that is most certainly flawed.

Soldier of Truth said...

Well, be careful to Calvinism.
John Calvin called the Pope the Romanist Anichrist, in institutes of the Christian Religion book 4 chapter 8. And be careful to Martin Luther, he called the Pope His Hellishness. We should just stay to the facts: The Pope is a Christian, and are Alex Jones and Texxe Marrs Christians, just as the Pope?

Hmmm, the reader my decide themselves.

Any how, I would hear in some radio interview, that Texe Marrs would buy the complete first edition of Vatican Assassins. Vatican Assassins 1. Maybe you'dd have to check this with mister Phelps, but I thought maybe this to be interesting, because it was not mentioned in the information.

It looks to me, that when the Vatican wants to censor information, they often do this.