Thursday, January 07, 2010 spreading disinfo for the cause of conditioning and fearmongering

Yesterday I saw that infowars was spreading disinformation and they were using the disinfo to fearmonger. The article was by Kurt Nimmo. This is the second time that infowars has spread this same disinfo. It was in regards to homeschooling. It was when the lower courts did rule against homeschooling in California and it was bad. BUT it was all turned over by the higher courts. Why would infowars then keep spreading the lower court's oppressive ruling? I would say there are several reasons. As I said before, to fearmonger. But also to get people used to the fact and conditioned to accept that this is happening. I believe it is a psy-op.

Here is the article:

And here is the article which tells of the higher court overturning the lower court:

I don't believe that "infowars" did not know this. This is just more disinformation by Jones' camp.

Regarding the content of the infowars article, in NY it is required by law to register and tell the school district that you intend to homeschool. There is also additional requirements that are more strict than any other state in the US. I do not agree with some of these oppresive type laws regarding homeschooling BUT it is recommended by HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc) that you comply with all local laws if you intend to homeschool.


Anonymous said...

I did not know you were a Marine Thomas.

Semper Fi.

Ready to bring down Jones a few pegs?

Here are a few other Alex Jones examples of disnfo...

Richard Poplawski, in an attempt to save his own hide against the revelations that Poplawski was an Infowars contributor, Alex threw the Marine Corps under the bus by saying it was their fault for training this guy to be a killer.

Even though the facts show Poplawski was kicked out after 1 month of boot camp when he assaulted his drill instructor with a food tray.

Thomas you know what boot camp was like, please tell everyone how utterly ridiculous Alex's statement is and the gist of what we learned in that time was to shit, shower and shave.

What Jones did was worse, the Pittsurgh Gazette never said Alex was solely responsible, but Alex did assign sole blame to the Marines, which makes him a total hypocrite to have demanded a retraction from them and not offer up any apologies to the USMC.

Another example along the lines you are referring to with homeschooling, Alex did the same thing ranting about a law in a handful of States that limits rain water collection.

These States have shortages of rainfall and if farmers all collected unlimited amounts of it, it would change the entire States landscape, creeks would dry up etc.

But Alex did not mention any of that, he made it sound like it was the worst act of oppression America had ever seen.

Heres another:
Alex's excuse he doesnt like to talk about things he cant prove, like the Jesuits etc.

If he doesnt like to talk about things he cant prove than how does he explain all of his unsubstantiated anonymously sourced stories?

Like the Mossad Cemetery story where some anonymous dude was picking ivy in the middle of the night and over heard pre-9/11 information being discussed by 2 other anonymous Mossad agents that decided to pick a cemetery to talk about the terrorist plans that were going to go into effect. And they were speaking in Yiddish or some BS, which luckily for the anonymous source he used to be a former Mossad agent and was able to understand everything being said.

Or what about anonymous EMT worker Mike? What happened there?
If Alex does not like to discuss things he can not prove, then how does he explain his Y2K broadcast when he told the world Russia launched nukes against America?

Why was Alex in LA when "John Conner" aka Mark Dice aka Mark Shouldice got his interview with Danny Bonaduce in which anonymous Kyle from Alexs Bohemian Grove documentary was the cameraman?

What was Alex doing in LA away from his show, which was being handled by Bob Dacy while he was away? Then he came back the following Monday to have Conner on to talk all about his encounter with Danny Bonaduce?

Danny Bonaduce is intimately tied to the Archdiocese of LA Cardinal Roger Mahony. Dannys brother John and sister-in-law Eileen Carlucci Bonaduce work directly for him. She is part of the Carlucci clan and they are high ranking Catholic agents.

Eileen is Mahonys right hand woman and has money set up in Trust Funds from the Vatican to pay off the huge sex scandal to the Catholic family victims.

It should also be pointed out that Alex's GCN broadcasts are carried by Disney/ABC satellites and is loved by FOX and Friends.

Well Mahony inducted Rupert Murdoch AND Roy Disney on the same day into the Order of St Gregory and you have Jesuit Priests like Leo O'Donovan on Disneys Board of Directors and if you go to Sean Hannitys websit you will see Midas Rescources ads that will take you to GCNLive with a gold offer, after you are redirected through Clear Channel.

T said...

No I wasn't a Marine my friend. I was only a transporter of Marines. I was USN, honorably discharged. Thanks for the great comment.. as usual.. take care

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!