Friday, July 15, 2016

How and Why did you become a Christian

When you can make up any old lie to attack a country and kill their people it's not a stretch for people to do the same here in our country. This country has become complacent and now accept murder as a part of regular life. I don't see any Christians speaking out against it. I only see fake Christians joining in the propaganda. I don't accept it and never will. And I'll proudly stand alone against it all. All I need is the Lord. And I don't believe He has left me. I feel blessed by God every day. And even when things go wrong, I'm still thankful. As I said a couple a months after I got saved, "My worst day since being saved is a million times better than my best day when I wasn't saved." And that truth still applies 19 years later. I love the Lord. He made Himself real to me. Has He made Himself real to you? If He hasn't, I don't know why you would claim to be a Christian. It sounds more like someone who joined a club or chose a hobby. I'm a Christian because God saved my soul when I was hopeless. Tell me about your salvation experience..

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