Friday, July 29, 2016

Jewish authors and researchers failing to distinguish the difference between Catholicism and Christianity (By Accident?)

I was just talking about this subject the other day. See here:

Then I buy this man's book and he says the very thing I was talking about. I'm talking about how Jews fail to distinguish the difference between Catholicism and Christianity. This is a grievous error to make! You can read just one small point I made here:

My first post on Daniel's book page:

Daniel, I got my first ever taste of anti-Semitism in the Catholic church. I was raised in Hewlett, NY part of the Five Towns in Long Island. As a conservative guess I would say the area is or was about 50% Jewish. One year on my first day of Catechism classes the instructor was reading off the names for attendance. He got to a name I did not recognize, the instructor paused looked at the girl and asked "are you Jewish?". She replied "yes". He asked, "Why are you here?" She said, "to learn about your religion." The instructor, probably a priest but he was in regular clothes so I'm not sure. But after the girl's last response he got very angry, face reddened and he tells her "this isn't something to just study, this is about FAITH." He then made her collect her things and kicked her out of the class. I remember thinking, "wow, you have to be Catholic to learn about God.". How horrible to embarrass a young girl like that. I wonder how long this traumatized her. But that is only the very start of my thoughts about Catholicism and anti-Semitism. I have researched many hours and sifted through much information over the years and I have [shockingly] found the premise of your book to be correct. I plan on ordering it today and reading it. Best wishes, Thomas Richards,

After I bought his book I wrote a follow-up:

After purchasing your book I immediately found a glaring error. You failed to distinguish the difference between Christianity and Catholicism. Doing so ignores the thousands of years of persecution Christians faced by the Catholic cult. William Tyndale was murdered by Catholics. Tyndale was one of the greatest Bible translators that ever lived. The Pope ordered his bibles burned. Thomas More was one of Tyndale's greatest persecutors and the Catholic church and many political and judicial giants PRAY TO him at every Red Mass in probably every state. This is just a tiny dot of info I'm leaving here. But you do a great disservice to real Christians who have historically supported Jews and worship the greatest Jew who ever lived and that is Jesus (Joshua) the Christ (Messiah). Thomas Richards SpirituallySmart.Com (Job 28:28)

(More will follow but I wanted to publish what I have so far)

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