Famous Jew Hating Propaganda Piece written by Founder of Catholic Knight of Malta Order in USA

Every Jew-hater I have ever encountered in the last ten years has repeated at least some portion of this book which was written by this Russian Monarch Knight of Malta Major General Cherep Spiridovich, OSJ who was exiled out of Russia during the Bolshevic Revolution. Link to book below although you can find it easily online.

Major General Cherep Spiridovich, OSJ a founder of the OSJ American Grand Priory

A book written by Cherep Spiridovich, published in New York

"OSJ" is short for "SOVEREIGN ORDER OF SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM"Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich (1858—1926) was a mysterious Russian figure who moved to the United States following the Bolshevik Revolution. He claimed to be a Tsarist general and white Russian loyalist. He was involved in Pan-Slavism and White Russian activism, including various chivalric orders and cultural organisations, amongst the diaspora community in America. Spiridovich is perhaps best known for authoring a book positing various [Jew Hating] conspiracy theories entitled "Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand".


Spiridovitch was President of the Slavonic Society of Russia and of the Latino-Slavic League of Paris and Rome. Politically he was a supporter of the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and an opponent of Bolshevism.
According to Walter Laqueur:
Count (General) Cherep-Spiridovich had his headquarters in the United States; he was even more obviously a clinical case than some of his colleagues. He introduced himself in his books as 'The Slav Pope', 'The Slav Bismarck','The possessor of the faculty to foresee events'

Lord Alfred Douglas dixit
and combined Barnum promotion techniques with propagation of the stories supplied by his European friends. The results have to be read to be believed. Even so, well-known men like Henry Ford and newspapers like the Financial Times in London took him seriously and helped him to reach a fairly wide public.

Walter Laqueur, Russia and Germany (1965), p. 120.


  • A Europe without Turkey—the security of France requires (1913)
  • Towards Disaster: Dangers and Remedies (1914)
  • How to Save England (1920)
  • Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand (1926) - a transcript may be found here [1]

  • Also see my information exposing Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.


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