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When on the Geraldo Rivera show
(aired 22 October 1988)

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     Another picture of LaVey, Aquino,
LeBar and Gunderson
'''Delete''' and possibly '''salt''' because deletion would be in Wikipedia's best interests and in deference to the subject's wishes. If Michael  Aquino were more notable than this, I'd think there was a case for keeping it--but his notability really is relatively minor and courtesy is important. I note that Michael Aquino is a wikipedia contributor."

-End Wiki Segment

In further researching I have found this link which discusses other allegations against Michael Aquino

Here is a video of Michael Aquino appearing on Geraldo Rivera with Ted L Gunderson and "Anti Cult" expert Fr LeBar who was a Roman Catholic priest with the Archdiocese of NY.

Also check out a paper called "Mind War" which Michael Aquino wrote along with Colonel Paul E. Valley who is also a
senior military analyst for Fox News Networks (also spelled "Vallely")


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