Monday, January 24, 2011

Ex-UN Inspector Faces Child-Sex Charges

(Jan. 14) – A former chief U.N. weapons inspector was recently arrested on charges of making unlawful sexual contact with a minor over the Internet, again.

Scott Ritter, who searched Iraq for weapons of mass destruction from 1991 to 1998, has been accused of using an online chat client to send sexually explicit videos to an undercover officer posing as a 15-year-old girl, the Pocono Record reports.

The incident allegedly took place in February 2009, but Ritter wasn't arrested until November because investigators had to obtain court orders to search his cell phone and computer for evidence. He is presently free on $25,000 bail and is set to face trial March 9.

Ritter won praise during the early 2000s for penning articles criticizing the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq. He also authored several books critiquing the U.S. intelligence community.

Yet during that time, he downplayed a 2001 arrest on similar online child-sex charges, which were eventually dropped. He said that criticism of him based on that incident was a politically motivated reaction to his outspoken anti-war stance.

The ex-Marine, who resides in Delmar, N.Y., has twin daughters who are 16 years old. A copy of the affidavit with testimony from the undercover officer is available on The Smoking Gun (warning: extremely graphic content).

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