Sunday, January 09, 2011

Trouble in Amish Paradise

Last night I found this video about an Amish family who began questioning their Amish roots steeped in traditions.

Turns out that the Amish do not read the bible for themselves because their tradition allows them to only have a bible in German which most of them don't even understand anymore. But this Amish man began questioning the traditions after reading the Bible in English. It's amazing how God is setting this man free from the rules of the sect he belongs to.

I saw some similarities between the Amish and Alamo's. The Alamos might as well have their bibles in German as well because they've allowed so much other foreign teachings to come in and obscure the Word of God that it's weakened the Word of God in their souls and watered it down with all the extra unbiblical teachings and false prophecies. It's crystal clear that Alamo's teachings have departed from Biblical Christianity. Not only is there a little leaven in Alamo's camp. But A LOT of leaven.

But maybe a current Alamo member will watch this and be encouraged in this Amish person's testimony. And remember their first love, who is Christ who loved them first and taught them what love is. And remind Alamos about the simplicity that in in Christ.

But the bottom line is. I pray that God gives current members the courage to come forward and come clean with what they know. It's the only way to enter back into the rest God gave you when you were first saved. And have your consciences clean again. Remember the light burden and that easy yoke which has since become the most horrible burden? Be set free. I know God will meet you there.
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