Saturday, January 29, 2011

Former Army Intelligence officer fatally shoots two teen children she said were 'mouthy'

(Watch the extremely sad video of Julie Schenecker being taken away by police here. Caution: very disturbing)

Julie Powers Schenecker kills her own two teen age children. Had been struggling with depression.  Schenecker's husband, Parker Schenecker, is an Army colonel stationed at the headquarters of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base and is an NSA officer. "I'm COL Schenecker, the Deputy NSA rep to CENTCOM in Tampa..." Source

"Parker Schenecker met Julie Powers in Munich, Germany, where they were both stationed in the late '80s and early '90s.

She worked as a Russian linguist for the Army, collecting intelligence for European agencies by interviewing refugees coming from the Eastern Bloc, said Tim Fredrikson, who served with her.

He was a rising intelligence officer who had graduated cum laude with a French degree from Washington and Lee University in Virginia, where the school yearbook is named the "Calyx."

In Munich, Julie organized and coached a volleyball team of officers, said K.C. Dreller, another intelligence officer who worked with her.

"She was super good at it," said Dreller, 49. "I imagine she was super good at everything she did. Anybody that was in that field was a Type A personality."

The couple married and had two children, Calyx in Germany and Powers, who went by "Beau," in Honolulu.

The military family moved a lot, and Parker Schenecker studied at several military schools, including the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the U.S. Army War College, according to a 2010 bulletin on distinguished alumni, published on his high school's website.

The newsletter also said he became a colonel in 2006 and was mainly responsible for the National Security Agency's support to military operations.

About three years ago the family landed in Tampa.

Parker is assigned to U.S. Central Command's intelligence directorate and has worked for CentCom for more than two years, said Lt. Col. Mike Lawhorn, a spokesman. He was on a temporary duty assignment overseas the past few days.

Julie Schenecker, no longer in the Army, stayed home with their children. She took shifts driving in the neighborhood's King High School car pool and often referred to the struggles of parenting in seemingly light-hearted Facebook posts.

On May 7, a friend wrote, "Happy Mother's/Hallmark day to all the mothers. You are more brave than I. Not sure how you do it, but glad you do."

Julie responded: "some days, not sure how we do it, either!! :-)"

On Sept. 23, a friend posted on his profile: "Hold yourself to a higher standard than anybody else expects of you."

Julie commented: "i needed that advice today — have a 16 yr old daughter!"  Source

The following are comments I have found on the Internet in regards to the possible anti-depressant medications she may have been taking.


T said...

Comments Iv'e found around the internet that need to be addressed

and of course they tell us they shot them.....But they never tell us what anti-depressants she was on at the time...Every single shooting like this involves anti-depressants....People with guns who are NOT on anti-depressants do NOT kill their children, period....But hey, go to your doctor, he knows best... LINK

T said...

Wow. Where to start?

So sad. I can't imagine being the dad, just lost his whole family.

I wonder if she was on anti-depressants?

She "had it all" so to speak. Middle America, nice house, good husband.

Where was the support structure?

Hard to understand yet I think if we are honest, we can understand easily.

T said...

taken from here

"Since this woman was on anti-depressants and there are doctors who state that these drugs are over prescribed and abused, I did a search on what these doctors say about these drugs and here's what I found:

Doctors claimed that side-effects of these drugs (anti-depressants) include increased aggression, loss of remorse, depersonalization and mania.

Kind of fits the bill of a mother who suddenly and surprisingly up and decides to kill her children."

T said...

New Comment found on an AOL article:

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Colonel Scheneker. I don't know if anyone knows this but if you recieve a fruntal lobe brain injury (this lady was in a bad accident a few weeks earlier) it can change your personality. You can become agressive, depressed and hard to get along with. You can lose part of your memory and your temper, in our case it was five years, just wiped clean. Our boy didn't change, he just didn't remember he was out of school and in collage.I am not saying it was anything like this for this lady, but something happened to change her and it should have been noticed by the people close to her. Only her other tried to intervein." (sic)

Robin Selinger said...

I read on that Julie Powers Schenecker sometimes used the screen name meowkalani . I found some comments left under that name on an Oprah forum about a book by Eckhart Tolle.

Tolle writes that death is just an illusion of no great significance. One of his books is posted at .

The stripping away of 'self' recommended by Tolle also sounds to me like a kind of psychological dissociation. These spiritual and philosophical ideas, in the mind of a mentally ill person, could perhaps be quite dangerous.

I attended school with Parker Schenecker and met his beautiful family at a class reunion in Ft Worth some years ago. Our school community is just devastated by this tragedy and personally I am feeling totally heartbroken.