Monday, January 24, 2011

Micro Chips and the Seventh Day Adventist "Church"

Did you know that the Seventh-day Adventist "church" (SDA) believe that the "MARK of the Beast" is going to be a LAW that forces people to worship "god" on Sundays? And did you know they reject any other idea of what the Mark of the beast is including the possibilities that the Mark of the Beast could be an RFID chip?

Do you know why they believe this and did you know that many SDA's are actually Promoting RFIDs in the medical industry?

Here is only one example of this:

In this article it says,
"The Premier healthcare alliance and two of its Oregon hospital members today honored U.S. Representative Darlene Hooley (D-OR) for her leadership in advancing legislation to include unique device identification (UDI) language in last year’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bill. Congresswoman Hooley was presented with the “Healthcare Transformation Award” on Capitol Hill by Premier and Adventist Health."

Now what do SDA's base their belief on that the Mark of the Beast will be a forced Sunday Worship Law? None other than the proven to be false prophet Ellen G White!

To this day Adventists are STILL propagating this fraud and at the same time they claim to be exposing Rome! Yet they have only exposed themselves for having the same cult like following for Ellen G White than your most zealous Roman Catholic does for the Pope. Matter of fact, most every-day Catholics I've ever known don't really care about the Pope. But every single SDA I've ever talked with know and follow Ellen G White and propagate her words. Even after it's been proven and exposed time and time again that she was a false prophetess!

In closing. This just goes to show that even though there have been some Adventists who have rightly attempted to expose Rome, they are still walking in deceptions by following Ellen G White and her MANY false teachings which may end up deceiving the whole SDA church into receiving the Mark of the Beast!

Now what makes this even worse? Answer:

"Adventist Health System is the largest not-for-profit, Protestant, multi-institutional healthcare system in the United States."

Roman Catholic Joe Biden says to Roman Catholic John Roberts,

"''Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There is actual discussion about that. You will rule on that, mark my words, before your [lifetime] tenure is over."

google search health care rfid

Continue connecting the dots....

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Food For Thought said...

Hello I have read your article on SDA explanation of the mark of the RCC being Sunday. I am not a SDA but have studied it. You must supply scripture to back up what your denouncing.All Done in brotherly love. JB

T said...

which bible verses would you like me to post? The way I wrote this blog I didn't feel posting additional scriptures was necessary. Anyone can do a simple google search and very easily find all the verses if they would like. but i know Christians and those schooled in this topic wouldn't need me to post them. maybe you can do a better job than me. send me a link to look at when you're done. thank you.

chicagomoneymakers said...

Brother thomas
what do you think the mark of the beast is

i read also that a baptist told ellen the sda mark of the the beast theorey

Fire Engine said...

Just because the Catholics you know are not firm does not mean that all are that way. The same goes for Seventh Day Adventists, or any church that has a higher population.
But this fact can be recognized. The pope and his Vatican are the most powerful country in the world, containing world leaders from every world power. The pope has approached the American president, and every other world leader, every year for decades about joining church and state to bring there countries back to God.
My point is that Catholics, wether firm or not, will comply with whatever laws or beliefs put under law the pope assigns. Even if they do not agree.
The pope is neither a god nor a vicar and no man can be found infalible. He is however, a king. Not ruling in heavenly matters but worldly matters. Jesus needs no replacement for himself. He is fully capable of being God lol! When he died on the cross he ended having to go through a median to be forgiven. We can talk to God whenever we want and be forgiven if we are willing to be forgiven. EGW was a prophet. Not in the sense that she was any higher then any of us. God chose her to clarify the bible and it's teachings. She encouraged no praise unto herself but merely brought to light things that were hidden or in the dark. She was not perfect and did not claim to be. Some people lose sight of what really matters. JESUS! If you care about heavenly matters, search His name out and ask him to show you the truth! He will show you through many different ways.

Guerline A. Bailey said...

Yes, the SDA Church has inherited of a beautiful faith but it is too sad that today they have run away from it altogether by putting in JAIL, those that dissent from them. They are no longer the people by the book and doing what Jesus said to His disciples to do "Leave them alone, if they are not against us, they are for us" Mark 9:39-40
There is a petition going on right now to ask the GC to stop the coercion and imprisonment of other Adventist believers. See it at:

Joe Brooks said...

Sola Scriptura. You seem to be unable to let the bible speak, its only you.

Thomas said...

This SDA teaching is a man-made teaching. It is not presented in Scripture at all. It is heresy and false doctrine and is as the Lord stated, building your house on sand rather than that solid Rock. Its pretty sad that this argument isn't good enough for SDAs. Its not good enough to say "that isn't in the Bible", because SDAs actually believe Ellen G White was an inspired prophet like the Apostles and they believe her writings are equal to the holy Scripture. This message is only a tiny part of the horrible error the SDA cult is in. They believe many other crazy doctrines. Like that they are the 144,000 spoken of in the book of revelation, they believe that they are THE remnant church (the only church). They believe in a made up doctrine called "soul sleep". And the worst of all, they believe that hell isn't eternal and that no human will ever be thrown into an eternal hell or lake of fire. Some SDAs are kind and "moral" but they are in some of the worst doctrines on earth and they push these teachings like your every day CULT. Just like their "sabbath" doctrines that they push all over the place. And I have tons of scriptures I can post. But I know from experience that SDAs do not listen to the Bible. They only listen to the SDAs twisted version of the Bible just like your average every day cult member. SDA is very similar to Jehovah's Witnesses as well. Here is one of my web pages discussing some of these things:

and Videos:

AliceoutofWonderland said...

Had some really sincere SDA's conversing (and probably trying to convert me the past few years. I half heartedly took in until recently when I found out the Masonic connection, the Jesuit connection, soul sleep, legalism (I thought the Sabbath was just their preferred day of rest), and also then of course Saturday being the seal of God. Saddens me, because I really like most of them, especially because I thought they were exposing the vatican. (Sigh